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Headteacher’s Post November 17th 2017

November 17th

‘Ysgol Fair Funding’ is a parent-led campaign seeking to achieve the very best for our young learners. Education hasn’t been exempt from so called ‘austerity’ measures applied over the last few years. We have worked hard to try and protect our children from the impact of increasingly significant cuts to our funding, although the cuts have already resulted in, for instance, KS2 class sizes being larger than we would like, a year on year reduction in the numbers of support staff and the amount of resources we can make available. Unfortunately, the further funding cuts projected for the next three years will without doubt begin to impact on your children’s ‘once in a lifetime’ chance. If you are as concerned about this as we are, please join other parents from all over the UK in making your voice and opinion heard. The letter you will receive next week will help explain how you can do this but in the meantime feel free to find out more by clicking on these links and joining other parents and carers in the cause:!/schools

or join the Twitter feed :


Thanks to those who have asked more about the ‘Ysgol Fair Funding’ information circulated last week. A number of you have asked about ways of helping the campaign progress and so we’ve uploaded to the panel on the right, a number of letter templates which you may find useful.

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