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Friday October 1st

We haven’t let the rain get in the way and it’s been another super week full of highlights! The Nursery enjoyed lots of activities for their first Sound of the Week. The favourites were making pretend apple pies with porridge oats, building dens for the animals and painting apples. Some children even tasted avocado for the first time. It’s been a busy week in Reception with loads of  Jack and the Beanstalk fun. Children have really enjoyed counting out beans, building beanstalks using blocks, retelling the story using props and using their imagination to move in different ways to classical music linked to the story. They have also started using Fast Phonics to learn their letter sounds. All of the children have come home with their own Reading Eggs login details so that they can play the games at home.

Miss Tyrrell’s  class are thoroughly enjoying their new mini topic of Jack and the Beanstalk, particularly giving instructions to send a robotic toy around the Jack and the beanstalk map. They were super excited when competing in relay races during outdoor PE and loved planting magic beans, which hopefully will grow into beanstalks!!

Jack and the beanstalk has also been a huge hit in Mrs Horseman and Mrs Tucker’s class. The children have counted beans up to 20, put the beanstalks in order from shortest to tallest and even planted their own beans. They have also completed a role on the wall, writing different words to describe the giant and Jack.

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed writing character and setting descriptions this week using some wonderful vocabulary. A pleasure to read! Children have also enjoyed working hard on their place value skills and the dinosaur challenges have proven to be a big hit.

There has been a mystery in Year 3 this week. The children arrived on Monday to find a black spot on the door. A chalk outline, (fake) blood and clues completed the mystery which the children had to solve to uncover the perpetrator. They discovered it was the barbarous Blackbeard and then sought to use their knowledge of him to make a menacing looking portrait. There’s been some awesome maths in year 4 this week with the children learning how to add large numbers in columns. The focus on Welsh legends is continuing to be a big hit, with some beautiful  painting, using water colours, and wonderful writing of a narrative poem.

Year 5 and 6 have thoroughly enjoyed looking at King Henry VIII, learning through drama and research about his six wives. Monday started with the Trial of a Queen. Children found themselves in a court room in the Tower of London, trying Anne Boleyn for her crimes. They also enjoyed using Talk for Writing to learn a discussion text about Henry and Catherine of Aragon. A busy week!
We have 2 INSET days planned for this term:
Monday December 6th
Friday December 17th (Last day of term for children – Thursday 16th December)

As always thanks for your ongoing support and, if you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans (Deputy Headteacher)

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