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Friday November 25th

Well, it’s been a sea of red at school today as we’ve celebrated Wales’ participation in the football World Cup after a long wait of 64 years! The result didn’t quite go to plan but no-one can say that Waunarlwydd didn’t give their all to supporting the team! We wish Wales and all the teams the best for the rest of the World Cup!

Parent/carer voice

Unfortunately, we cannot work together to address any concerns raised in parent social media groups. We feel strongly about our open door policy and if you have any concerns regarding the school, please make contact in person or via email/telephone. In addition, just a reminder that you have been sent a short form allowing you to identify areas that you feel are a strength to build on within our school and also any areas you feel that we can improve! Thanks to those that have already completed! It helps us plan, moving forward! This form will remain open for one more week. Please follow the link below!

 Parent/Carer voice

It’s been another fabulous week full of highlights! The Nursery were very excited on Tuesday, when they found huge footprints in their playground. They followed them to discover 3 frozen eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. They investigated different ways to melt the ice and helped the babies escape. The Mummy dinosaur sent a letter thanking the children for helping her babies. Reception have loved learning about the story of Swansea Jack and thinking of words that describe him. They have been measuring dogs, building simple 3 letter words to match the dog kennels and sorting pictures of Swansea from now and a long time ago.

Miss Tyrrell’s class have been busy writing a recount of the story of Rama and Sita and demonstrating their super creative skills when making diva lamps out of play doh. During their waterproof investigation they made sensible predictions and explanations about which materials they thought would be waterproof or not. Mrs Wallace and Mrs Howells’ class have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own versions of Stick man using their wonderful writing skills while beginning to learn songs for their concert has been very exciting.

Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas’ class have loved their story writing tasks this week, applying all their learning to their own epic tales. No surprises for guessing the highlight for our Year 3 children this week! The children had an awesome time on their trip to Techniquest and returned full of excitement! Other high points in Mr. Reid’s class have been designing a giant for their BFG focus and using J2e to design posters to support teams at the World Cup.

Of course, a highlight for the whole school has been the wonderful assembly delivered so professionally by Mr. Jenkins’ class. However, it was another easy choice for their class highlight with their outstanding day at Big Pit. The weather didn’t stop the children having a great time both over and underground. Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed their ‘Big Maths beat that’ challenges this week but, after looking at a quest story a few weeks ago, the highlight has been planning and writing their own quest stories independently. The Y5/6 teachers are beyond proud of the improvement in their writing, especially vocabulary choices and sentence structures. 

Digital Advice for parents

This week’s advice for parents and carers centres around ‘What you need to know about Tik Tok.’

Criw Cymraeg

As mentioned a few weeks ago our amazing Criw Cymraeg been working with some past pupils from Gowerton Comprehensive School to research and film a short video all about Waunarlwydd Rugby club, which you can now view using the link below! Another big thanks to the club for being so welcoming! 

The History of Waunarlwydd Rugby Club

Book Fair – Diolch!

A big thanks for supporting the book fair this week. We have been able to raise £94 to buy books for children at school!

Dates for the calendar

Wednesday 7th December – Christmas Fair

Thursday 8th December – Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 13th December – Nursery / Reception concert (morning), Year 1, 2 and 3 concert (afternoon)

Wednesday 14th December – Year 4, 5 and 6 concert (afternoon), Year 1, 2 and 3 concert (evening)

Thursday 15th December – Year 4, 5 and 6 concert (evening)

Tuesday 20th December – Special visitor

Wednesday 21st December – Christmas Party Day

Thursday 22nd December – Christmas Lunch

(Any dates for events involving specific classes/year groups will be sent out separately)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans

Deputy Headteacher

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