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“Waunarlwydd Primary is a happy, vibrant school that values standards and achievement.” (Estyn 2006)

“Pupils are keen to learn and are happy to be in school….(they) have a very strong awareness of fairness, honesty and respect” (Estyn 2012)


Welcome / Croeso to our website. This site provides an electronic respresentation of what Waunarlwydd Primary School stands for, for our pupils, parents and our community. We hope you get a real flavour of the school and will come to visit us in the non-cyber world as well!

We are a community which believes strongly in the value of building positive relationships. The safety and well-being of our children are some of our priority aims. Our team works collaboratively to provide an environment which allows pupils to feel safe and well-cared for, as it is our belief that this remains a pre-requisite for progress and achievement. As our school motto and mission statement imply, we believe in the pursuit of high standards at all times and encourage our pupils to “Work hard and aim high”. Furthermore, the school aims to foster the sort of high quality relationships which are needed in order for this sort of progress to occur.

Waunarlwydd Primary offers a range of many excellent experiences both in and out of school hours. Pupils are taught the value of conducting themselves in such a way as to ensure that full advantage is taken of these opportunities.

We are thrilled to have the chance of sharing a little of our school with you in this way and of using the opportunity to celebrate some of the excellence which affords our school, we believe, its distinct identity.