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Home Learning

We understand that home learning will be a juggle for many of you, and we will be working our usual contracted hours to support you. Staff have been working extremely hard to plan the best way forward. We appreciate the support you have shown towards the school in this uncertain time, and I am sure we can count on your ongoing support moving forward. You and your children will be provided with a means of communicating with your child’s class teacher via J2e, HWB email, Seesaw or telephone. Alternatively, you can contact Mr Evans:                                               

Staff will do their best to answer in a timely fashion, however there may be times that due to illness or circumstances out of our control that this may not be possible.


For details regarding your child’s home learning provision, please visit your child’s classroom page on the school website.

Working together has proved to be crucial during this pandemic!

Thanks for your continued support!   

Mr Jamie Evans (Acting Headteacher)