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Author: AnnaE1

Headteacher’s Blog

April 16th

As we near the end of what should have been the Easter holiday I’d like to thank all staff who volunteered to continue to work throughout it, providing emergency childcare for families in greatest need.

The children have been pretty amazing as well, adapting well to their new setting and routines. The weather has helped too, allowing us to be outside a lot.

Class teachers will be updating class pages on our website in readiness for what should have been the first week of the summer term starting from Monday. Please don’t feel under pressure to complete everything that’s on your child’s class page: it’s for guidance only. Feel free to complete all or just some of it. The current lockdown situation isn’t making life easy for anyone right now and we certainly don’t want to be adding to the stresses and strains!

Don’t forget, you can contact your child’s teacher through the website should you need any help with the suggested weekly home learning tasks.


March 31st

As the crisis progresses we will be reviewing our emergency childcare provision after Easter, from April 20th. Remember, UK and Welsh Government message remains the same: your child is safer at home. Unless it is absolutely essential and you really have no other option, this is where they must stay.

However, if your circumstances meet the criteria then please apply for an emergency childcare place using the attached form. Please note, the recently published revised key worker list is a guide for prioritising emergency places. It is not a list of entitlement. These settings are being run by volunteers and we want them to be available for as long as possible, so please help us to help you.


Remember, if your child is entitled to free school meals they are available for collection from the school, or a school nearer to you, Monday to Friday, after 12.30.

If your children are entitled to free school meals and would like a ‘Grab and Go’ bag please complete this form.

March 29th

World Health Organisation, UK Government and Welsh Government advice has been updated this week to raise the level of alert with regards to risks associated with leaving our homes. As you know, the whole of the UK is now in lockdown which means we are being instructed to stay at home and to only leave if  circumstances make it absolutely necessary to do so.

Government websites continue to issue the warning of the need for children for children to stay at home. Quite simply, we are being told they are safer there. In the very rare cases where exceptional circumstances make this impossible, then emergency childcare settings run by volunteers are being made available. For obvious reasons, these settings carry risk of spreading the virus further and of individuals contracting the illness there, and so UK Government has issued the warning again this week that they should only be used as a last resort, when absolutely no other measures are available.

North Gower Partnership cluster convened again on Friday. Centres within the cluster will continue to prioritise emergency childcare for children where BOTH parents are NHS or blue light workers. Paragraph 4 on the Government website clearly states that where only one parent falls into these categories “then the other parent should provide safe alternative arrangements at home”. This is a time of emergency. We are all facing unprecedented circumstances and life for none of us is easy right now. In addition to emergency childcare we are also endeavouring to continue to provide daily lunches for children entitled to free school meals. Please let us know you requirements by 9 am daily so that orders can be placed on your behalf.

Thank you for your support. This is not the end to the Spring term any of us may have anticipated or wished for. Let’s hope that as we all do our bit to heed the warnings and directions being issued by our government then the spread of this dreadful virus will start to be curtailed.


March 20th

This has been a strange and unexpected week for all of us.

As you know, schools close as educational settings from today in response to the government’s plan which aims to slow down the spread of this dreadful virus as quickly as possible.

They will re-open next next week as ‘re-purposed’ settings focusing on emergency childcare. National Government advice published yesterday was clear. The most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear as well. We should all be avoiding large group settings as the country pursues a policy of social distancing. It goes onto state that:

“if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. That is why the government has asked parents to keep children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those who absolutely need to attend”.

The dilemma is clear. We are attempting to balance the need to help parents keep on working with the need to keep everyone safe as well. As you’ll see from the main page and the attachments below, we’re going to test out a model for the way forward next week, working in conjunction with the rest of the North Gower schools in our partnership. Please bear with us as we explore the way forward as we attempt to find a sustainable model for this childcare provision. We’re attempting to do this with an already diminished workforce and so ask for your patience. This is new territory for us all. This is why we aim to start by rolling the plan out for children whose parents are NHS / ‘blue light’ workers in the first instance.

Thank you for the many messages of support and thanks we’ve received. Please use your child’s class page to keep in touch whether or not you’re planning to use the emergency childcare service. Staff have been incredibly creative and thoughtful in the way they’ve put this work together for your child. We hope they enjoy using their special page.

Stay safe, stay well.



March 18th

Further to the Minister’s announcement earlier today, please note the school will close at 3.20 pm on Friday, March 20th, and will stay closed until further notice.

Staff will regularly update class web pages with learning resources and activities for your child, and this blog will be used to keep you up to date with information as we receive it.

Should you need to contact us after Friday please use:

Thank you again for your help, support and understanding over the past few tricky weeks.

Arhoswch yn dda, arhoswch yn ddiogel.

Stay well, stay safe.

March 13th 

As a school we fully understand that there is a great deal of concern surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. We appreciate everyone’s concern and we are following the guidelines provided by Public Health Wales, Foreign and Commonwealth Office also advice provided by the Local Authority and the Welsh Government.

In relation to the virus itself we have, at the time of writing this post, no confirmed cases at Waunarlwydd School. If anyone who is connected to the school reports feeling unwell or has concerns about their health, we are following the guidelines to the letter and advised accordingly. If someone should contact the school to say they have a confirmed case of Covid19 then Health would lead and advise us all accordingly. We understand that these are uncertain times. You will naturally be concerned about your family and will be requiring as much information as possible. We will endeavour to support you with the information you need. Given the fast-changing nature of the current situation we are in regular contact with the Local Authority. We will continue to provide further information when we receive updates.

Message from the Local Authority for parents:

As we continue to follow UK, Welsh Government and Public Health Wales advice, the Council has advised us that all schools in Swansea are open as normal on Monday. The situation is being kept under continuous review and we will advise immediately if something changes. It is also worth noting that the number of days any school is open and the date of school holidays are decided by the Welsh Government and not the Council’.

Preventative steps taken so far at WPS:

  • School staff are alert to the risk of infection and are taking measures to help keep children healthy. At this

time, these measures include encouraging children to wash their hands regularly and to cough or sneeze

into tissues, disposing of them in a bin thereafter. It would be extremely useful if you could reinforce the

key themes at home – you can find links here:

  • All toilets in school have soap dispensers for use and we have ensured we have a good supply in stock. These are checked daily to ensure they are full.
  • All non-essential off site visits such as school trips, swimming, sports events, staff training have been cancelled.
  • similarly, all non-essential additional onsite visits such as Toddlers, Open the Book and Stay and Play sessions have been cancelled
  • Restricted access to the building is in place and anyone who enters is required to wash hands on entry.
  • To reduce large groups of children, assemblies are cancelled and lunchtimes have been staggered.
  • Our teaching staff are preparing online resources through hwb  the use of the school website will be utilised to update work. More information to follow regarding accessing school work in the event of closure.
  • After school activities have been cancelled.
  • Parents’ evenings and the forthcoming #SAFEAS event have been postponed.

School Closure

As we continue to follow UK, Welsh Government and Public Health Wales advice, the Council has advised us that all schools should open as normal. The situation is being kept under continuous review and we will advise you immediately if something changes. We are now formulating plans to mitigate the impact of school closure on the continuity of learning for children. Should the school close, we have plans in place to ensure your child will have access to a range of learning activities that you can use at home with your child.


The latest information is that you should immediately self-isolate at home for 7 days if you have a recent onset of high temperature and/or a new continuous cough. A pupil’s absence in these circumstances will of course be authorised

Your support with this matter is greatly appreciated and absolutely vital. This will protect others in the community while you are potentially infectious. Our understanding is that NHS 111 will give advice regarding the need for testing and possible hospitalisation if the severity of your symptoms worsens during this self-isolation period. Whilst the links included within this correspondence gives great detail of the steps we could be taking, please take the time to discuss the points below with your children.

Advice for children

  • DO  Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • Bring to school your own disposable tissues and follow the advice “Catch it! Kill it! Bin it!” DO NOT
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth and do share any food or drinks with anyone else

Advice for parents and carers


  • Speak with your child about good hygiene as above
  • Visit the following sites for the latest information
  • Update the school about any illness in your family or any concerns you have about contact with the coronavirus
  • Update the school regarding any travel plans
  • Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do next If you have any concerns or questions,
  • Stringently follow the guidelines on self-isolation with your children


  • Be drawn into speculation or believe false information on social media
  • Go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital

In summary, what to do if you think you or your child might have coronavirus: If you think you or your child might have coronavirus or you’ve been in close contact with someone who has it self-isolate and the absence will obviously be authorised

Thank you for your patience and support as we explore these unprecedented times together.

March 6th

I have to start this week’s blog with a massive well done to pupils, staff and parents for the effort that went into World Book Day. We had all sorts of characters from a wide variety of books walking through our gates. There was a memorable performance of Little Red Riding Hood by Foundation Phase staff and story sharing from teachers and pupils to different classes. It was a wonderful day and a great way to promote the joy and benefits that come from reading regularly.

A big thanks once again to friend of the school, Phil Davies, for delivering such an entertaining and engaging assembly on Tuesday. As always, more thanks to our friends form St Barnabas for another wonderful ‘Open the book’ session.

Mrs Melen and our Criw Cymraeg enjoyed their visit to Crwys Primary School on Wednesday. It was great for the children to meet and work with pupils from a different school. A big thank you to Mrs Davies, Mr Saer and all the staff and pupils of Crwys for their warm welcome. We look forward to a return visit in the future.

Our Senedd groups met this week and their plans are really coming together. A big thank you to Mrs Cooper for joining the Eco group to update them on some projects. Our plans to design and create new learning areas within the school are coming on nicely and we hope to have them up and running within the next few weeks.

You will be receiving information and sponsor forms regarding our charity focus for this year. We are raising money for a defibrillator to be placed in the school as well as to support Wales air Ambulance. On 23rd March Key Stage 2 children will be walking 5 miles to Dunvant and back, while our Foundation Phase pupils will be walking around our village, ending with a picnic back at school. I’d like to add a big thanks to Kellie Phillips for her fundraising efforts and wish all those climbing Pen y Fan good luck!

A date for the diary – we’ll be running a parent update session on the 19th march at 3.30. We will be updating parents on the new curriculum, including Relationships and Sexuality Education.

All in all, it’s been another fantastic week and we’ve even seen some sunshine. Let’s hope for some more next week!

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!



February 28th

The terrible weather this week has not held us back and we’ve enjoyed another successful week of smiling and learning together.

Mr Jenkins class performed an awesome assembly reminding of the ‘Right to be Safe.’ The assembly was delivered clearly and with more than a touch of humour, with the important messages about keeping safe in and out of school at the forefront.

Our Year 6’s enjoyed a great day at the LC2 developing their basketball skills. I was proud to hear the feedback from other schools referring to our pupils as ‘polite and the first ones to shake hands after matches.’

St David’s Day was the theme of the week which culminated in a day of celebration on Friday. Some of the artwork and written work produced for our Eisteddfod throughout the whole school was truly outstanding. Watching all the classes dressed in red, singing their wonderful songs was a great way to end the week.

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!


February 14th

Our week started with an assembly led by our Digital Senedd group on the importance of remaining safe online. With the advances in technology  it is more important than ever that we teach our children how to stay safe online both in and out of school. If you have any concerns or would like any advice regarding e-safety don’t hesitate in letting us know.

Our Foundation Phase pupils have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Swansea Lifeboat Station this week. They were beaming with enthusiasm on their return to school and gained a real insight into what these real-life superheroes give to our community. The superhero theme continued with a visit from the police and the children were able to ask questions about life as a police officer.

Our Year 6 pupil set off on their Llangrannog adventure on Wednesday. If you’ve been following our twitter feed you will have seen the fantastic time they have had. A big thanks to the teachers for giving up their time and good luck to those in charge of washing clothes!

Our fun-filled week continued on Friday with the Road Safety Roadshow. A big thanks to our visitors for delivering such an important message in an interesting and humorous manner.

Finally, we’d like to wish you a wonderful and safe half term and we’ll see you back at school on the 24th!

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!


February 7th

We were hit by the sickness bug at the start of the week and it’s been great to see pupils gradually returning to school. The school will be having a deep clean over the half term break to ensure we limit the spread of germs. Pupils have been reminded of the importance of washing hands and remaining as clean as possible. We remind you of the health authority guidelines that pupils should not return to school until 48hrs after the last symptoms.

A huge thank you to our hardworking PTA for providing the funds for our ZooLab visit this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and learning about animals including a giant millipede, a snake, a tarantula and a bearded dragon.

Our girls and boys football teams were in action again this week against Gorseinon Primary. The girls were victorious while the boys fought back to earn a draw. Well done to both teams.

In preparation for their basketball festival at the LC2, Year 6 received some expert coaching this week. The coaching and festival experience will be provided to all KS2 year groups throughout the year.

We say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils for a few days next week as they head off on their adventure to Llangrannog. I have no doubt that they will enjoy every minute! I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking Ms Williams, Mrs Wallace, Mr Reid and Mrs Hyatt for giving up their own time to provide such a wonderful experience for the children!

Our right of the month is the ‘Right to be Safe’ and Safer Internet Day is next week when we will be continuing to emphasise to the children the importance of staying safe online. If you would like any advice on E-safety please let us know.

Our foundation phase pupils will be visiting Swansea lifeboat station next week as they continue their focus on ‘superheroes.’ Let’s hope the weather is kind for them!

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!


January 31st

This week began with 3 days of Bikaeability training for our Year 6 pupils. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained skills that will keep them safe on their bikes. I was very proud to be told by the instructors that our pupils were a pleasure to teach with their behaviour and manners exemplary.

The new Curriculum for Wales was published this week. We are excited about creating a curriculum which will serve the pupils in our community in the best possible way and we will be hosting further update events soon.

Our girls football team took part in another tournament this week and once again proved what a fantastic group they are with their skills and sportsmanship.

Ms Williams’ class took us on a journey through time to exemplify the importance of having the Rights to be Heard during their class assembly. Well done to all of you and a big thank you, once again, to family members for coming to watch.

Family Learning sessions for Reception parents and children begin next week. We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday morning. If you’d like any more information, let us know.

We are excited to welcome Zoolab to school next week, an experience I know our children will love. Another big thank you to our hardworking PTA for funding the experience.

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!



January 24th

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Mrs Horseman on the birth of her beautiful baby girl. I have no doubt that she will cherish every second of her maternity leave.

We are hoping to begin family learning sessions for children and parents from the 4th February. More details about how you can get involved will be coming next week.

Year 6 pupils will be undertaking their Bikeability course next week. Just a reminder that we have to ensure all children are kept safe so please ensure that there is no cycling on the school premises before or after school.

Children are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school. However, if there is a valid reason for needing a mobile phone after school, they may be locked in the office for the duration of the day (on receipt of a consent form with reasons). We would appreciate your support on this matter, as I’m sure you are aware of the possible issues involving mobile phones on the premises. If you would like to discuss this further please let us know!

Our Senedd groups have met this week and there are some exciting and worthwhile ventures underway including the development of our outdoor area, creative learning zones and grow zones, Internet safety, enterprise projects and the raising of funds to acquire a defibrillator for the school premises. If you would like to know more about these projects, or can offer any support, please let us know.

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible!


January 17th

Staff and pupils have settled back into school life and it’s been a pleasure popping into classes to see the wonderful work that is underway. We enjoyed a fantastic Mad Science assembly, which left all the pupils excited about the ways they can use Science within their topics this term. In addition, we have made a great link with Waunarlwydd’s very own solar farm and experts will be coming in to teach the pupils about renewable energy.

Unfortunately, the weather put a stop to rugby and cross country clubs this week but all other clubs went ahead successfully. Our boys football team have enjoyed taking part in another tournament, showing great commitment and sportsmanship.

Mrs Cornish stopped by this week and it is great to see the progress she has made following surgery. I’ve no doubt we will be welcoming her back into classes sooner rather than later.

Have a great weekend! Diolch!

January 10th 2020

Blywddyn Newydd Dda! Happy New Year everybody! It’s been great to see the children return to school full of excitement for the year ahead. Our right of the month is ‘The right to be heard’ and our Senedd groups are all looking forward to leading our school through 2020.

New topics have been introduced and I can’t wait to see what the children achieve through the themes ‘Superheroes,’ ‘Out of this world,’ and ‘Hugo Cabret.’ A big thank you to all the staff and children who work so collaboratively to build such a happy learning environment.

Apologies to pupils in Mr Jenkins’ class for the confusion over swimming this week. An error has been identified and we will endeavor to rearrange swimming sessions for later in the year.

Club consent forms have been sent out this week with clubs starting next week. Once again, a big thank you to staff for providing pupils with these extra-curricular opportunities.

As always, if you have any concerns please let us know in person or by phone as soon as possible.




December 2019



We’ve closed the term with a week of concerts, parties and Christmas lunch. The children have enjoyed themselves and everyone is looking forward to a well-earned Christmas holiday.

It was good to welcome Mrs Cornish into school today. Mrs Cornish continues to make good progress towards recovery following her hip surgery last month.

We welcome three new members of staff to our team after Christmas. As you know, from Easter I take up the post of president of the NAHT trade union for one year. During this time Mr Evans will become acting headteacher and Ms Williams, acting deputy headteacher. In preparation for this change, Mr Evans will hand over the role of full time teacher of his Y3/4 class from January to Mrs Leyshon-Breeze (formerly Miss Morris). Mrs Horseman begins her maternity leave in January as well and Mrs Tucker has been appointed to teach her class for this time. We wish Mrs Horseman good luck for exciting times ahead in the new year.Mrs Wilton joins our nursery staff in January as well.

Thank you to you all for your help and support again this term. Tomorrow (20th) is an INSET day and we look forward to welcoming you all back to school again on January 6th.

Nadolig llawen pawb.



Statement from Chair of Governors

“A relative of one of our pupils was suddenly taken ill prior to the concert at school on Monday.

The emergency services attended very quickly but sadly the gentleman has passed away.

As the concert had not started no children were present, but we thank those parents and relatives who were at the school at the time for their support.

Our thoughts and prayers are very much with his family at this difficult time.”

Rayna Soproniuk,

Chair of Governors

Facing Upsetting Event – A guide for parents

December 6th

The boys’ football team played against Parkland Primary this week. This will be the last match until the new year.

Many thanks to the Friends of Waunarlwydd for all the hard work that went into yesterday’s fantastic Christmas Fayre. Combining the amount this event raised with all the other fund raisers from this term has built a sizable amount into the bank balance. FoW plan to meet with pupils in the new year in order to make some spending decisions.

Our choir got the event off to a festive start. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Next week sees the curtains rise on our Christmas 2019 productions. Nursery will be presenting ‘We’re Going on a Star Hunt‘, Foundation Phase ‘Lights, Camel, Action‘ and KS2 ‘Alice, the Musical’‘. We’re looking forward to sharing the excitement with you.

November 29th

This week has given us another opportunity to thank our wonderful friends at St Barnabas. All the children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas experience. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort put in by so many!

Our year 5 and 6 children children enjoyed a wonderful morning at Llanrhidian Primary School sharing their topic work with pupils from the North Gower Partnership.

A big thank you to the parents that have responded to the children’s request for safer parking. Please keep sharing  the essential message regarding the safety of our pupils on the roads and pavements surrounding the school.

Music and creativity has been a theme this week with the commencement of Christmas concert rehearsals. You are in for a real treat!

We’d like to remind you that our Christmas Fair is taking place on Thursday next week. A big thanks, as always, to our hard working PTA for the time and effort they are putting in to make the event a success.

November 22nd

This week has been National Road Safety Week. Our Safety Seneddd group have been working alongside the PCSO’s to further promote the importance of safe parking, driving and walking. We appreciate your support in spreading this important message in order to keep our children safe.

Our Senedd leaders spent the day at the waterfront museum promoting children’s rights and showcasing our approach in Waunarlwydd. All the children involved were a credit to the school and should be very proud of the way they communicated their message.

Our boys football team once again showed a great attitude and team ethic during their tournament this week. They came up against some very strong opposition but never let their heads drop. Well done boys!

It was the turn of our Year 2 children to lead the whole school assembly this week. They were able to communicate the importance of a child’s Right to Learn in a very clear and entertaining way. Fantastic!

November 15th

Our week began with all pupils and staff showing exemplary respect on Remembrance Day.

Anti-bullying week has seen all children spreading the message of kindness. Classes have undertaken various activities focusing on the need to think about how actions can affect people in negative ways.

Our Bronze Sports ambassadors undertook a day of training at the LC2 learning all about healthy living and they will now be organising events at school to promote a healthy lifestyle. Watch this space!

Our year 3 and 4 pupils enjoyed another afternoon developing their football skills alongside the students of Gower College. A big thank you to all the students!

The week ended with another awesome Children in Need Day. All pupils and staff had a great day, including a Joe Wicks’ exercise class, healthy snacks, a duck race and a Pudsey and Blush coin collection. With your support we were able to raise the outstanding total of £653.  A big well done to everyone!

Finally, I’d like to bring to your attention the opportunity to get Microsoft Office and Minecraft free on your children’s devices. Follow the links for more information.

November 8th

Our week began with a very thought provoking cluster INSET Day which provided all staff with invaluable training on ACEs ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’.

Several parents have contacted the school regarding concerns over parking on Brithwen Road. Please remember that unsafe parking is putting all our children at risk. The children are working alongside the police to try to ease your concerns.

Our book fair proved successful with some great offers. Thanks to all for your support, which has given the pupils the opportunity to choose some great new books for their classrooms.

Outdoor Classroom day was a huge success. The weather was kind to us and all pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed investigating the benefits of learning outdoors. Please check out our Twitter feed to see some of the exciting activities that took place.

Some pupils attended Gowerton Comprehensive School’s annual Remembrance service. Once again it was a very humbling experience to hear about the Gowertonians who lost their lives during the wars.

October 25th

Well done to everyone for a fantastic combined effort to bring about last night’s Halloween Disco. Such a lot of thought and imagination had gone onto the array of fancy dress costumes which our children wore. Not only did they enjoy a wonderful time but the event raised £656.16 as well. This is a tremendous outcome and one which we thank you for helping achieve.

Mrs Wallace’s class presented their ‘right to  know our rights’ assembly this week , helping to draw a busy half term to a close on the right note. Thank you for coming along to support.

The school is closed for half term next week (Oct 28th – Nov 1st), and then on the following Monday (Nov 4th) for INSET. Have a great week everyone. Cael wythnos wych pawb!

October 18th

Our choir were invited to perform at the opening of the NAHT Cymru annual conference in Cardiff this week. They thoroughly enjoyed the chance to really show off their singing and wider performance skills in front of an audience of school leaders from across Wales. Their medley of Disney songs were extremely well received and the children were thrilled with the standing ovation they received. It really was well-deserved.

Both girls’ and boys’ football teams have taken part in football tournaments. Both teams did well, with the boys’team making it through to the Swansea Schools’ final.

October 11th

In partnership with Swansea University, we welcomed six school leaders from Holland this week. The group were visiting Wales as part of an Erasmus project focusing on school leadership. They were interested to find out about our new curriculum, how we use our Rights Respecting School agenda to drive it and what part our children played in deciding the learning programmes. The pupils enjoyed explaining all this as well as showing them round the different learning areas.

Classes have enjoyed visiting St. Barnabas this week as part of their harvest celebrations. The church was beautifully decorated and the banner Mrs Treharnne had helped the craft group make hung proudly at the front.

Y5/6 visit to Pembroke Castle managed to dodge the showers and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to New Directions who sponsored a First Aid and Sign Language session for pupils this morning. Our KS2 pupils have started their weekend with new skills!

Don’t forget parent evenings next week. If you haven’t signed up for a slot yet please could you make contact with your child’s teacher to arrange a time.

October 4th

‘Big Science’ is starting again this term and they kicked off with a whole school event this afternoon which was terrific. Y3/4 pupils enjoyed first hand learning experiences through their visit to Big Pit as well, while our joint Harvest celebration with St Barnabas reminded everyone about the community focus. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated food items. These will be handed onto a food bank. Your monetary gifts have been donated to St Barnabas church.

It’s been another rainy week this week and getting everyone safely into school at the start of the day can be tricky in difficult weather. City and County of Swansea’s Health and Safety Officer undertook a risk assessment sometime ago in order to check our ‘Management of Traffic On Site’ was meeting the need. As you’ll be aware, the outcome of this was the decision that the risk of harm to our children posed by unauthorised vehicles driving onto school premises at this time was significant. This why the use of the school drive at the start and end of each session is prohibited. Thank you for co-operating with the policy which, as you can see, is rooted in our desire to keep our little ones safe.


September 27th 

It’s been another busy week in school. It all started with our very own football World Cup Final and a big congratulations to the winners Swansea City.

KS2 welcomed PC Parry on Monday and year 3 to year 6 all gained a lot from her sessions on how to be safer citizens. Diolch PC Parry!

Year 1 and 2 have enjoyed a walk around Waunarlwydd investigating different types of houses linked to their topic.

Our year 3 and 4 pupils are excited about their Big Pit trip next week. It will be a great opportunity to experience firsthand what life in the mines was like for children during Victorian Times.

Our friends from the ‘Open the Book’ team at St Barnabas will be hosting our Harvest assembly next Thursday. A reminder that any tinned or dried food donations will be given to Matthews House, which provides hospitality to vulnerable people in Swansea.

Have a lovely weekend!

September 20th

We’ve kicked the term off with a world football tournament which sees ‘Swansea’ facing ‘Liverpool’ in the final on Monday. Well done to everyone who has taken part and a special “thank you” shout out to Mr Reid for giving up his lunchtimes to supervise and organise it. It really has been a terrific way to start the term.

Something else which has made the start to term even more terrific is the publication of our Estyn report from their visit in July. While we’re thrilled the report acknowledges the “strong progress (pupils make) during their time at school” and the school’s proven “successful track record for bringing about improvements”, what we’re really thrilled about is the tribute it pays to the quality of relationships across the school and to our provision for pupil well-being: “the school’s mission, values and ethos are very strong”. The school is described as “outward-facing” and the report mentions pupils’ strong understanding of their rights and responsibilities. It says: “This high quality of rights-based provision, allied to purposeful work within the taught curriculum linked to rights and values, underpins the excellent ethos and atmosphere within the school”, a comment which we believe sums us up well.

Staff have to be praised for their hard work and unstinting commitment to our lovely learners and pupils are to be praised for working with us so enthusiastically, but we could not have achieved all of this without the support of their families as well, so a heartfelt “thank you” is extended to everyone.

Please click on the link below to read the report in full:

Waunarlwydd Primary School

September 13th

Croeso nol! All the staff would like to welcome you back to another exciting year at Waunarlwydd Primary school. We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer break. The first 2 weeks have been a great success, with children settling in well to their new classes. I am looking forward to seeing where the children’s learning journey takes them through the range of topics this term : Nursery – Fairy Tales, Reception / Year 1 – Castles and Dragons, Year 2 – Fire, fire, Year 3 / 4 – Inventors and Inventions, Year 5/6 – The Tudors.

Our after school clubs begin from next week and I’d like to thank the staff for the time and effort that goes into running these clubs.

Our ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions this week were well attended but if you weren’t able to attend or would like more information about routines and the year ahead, let your child’s teacher know. As always, if you have any concerns whatsoever throughout the year, don’t hesitate to let us know.






July 18th

We have now met with all interested providers and can confirm that from September there will be after school club provision, run by ‘Little Cherubs Day Nursery’

The manager of this provision will be Anne Wiltshire, and the ASC Leader will be Abigail Dyment-Jones.

‘Little Cherubs Day Nursery’ is owned and run by Natalie Dyment-Jones and she can be contacted on 01792 510273, and online:

While for now ‘Little Cherubs’ are unable to offer a morning session onsite, there is nevertheless plenty of availability at their nursery (far more than we would ever be able to provide onsite for childcare occurring within school hours) and furthermore, they offer transportation to school, along with the follow on after school provision.

Natalie asks me to let you know that she will be happy to answer any queries you may have using the above contact details.

July 17th

Following our meeting with parents last week, we’ve received a number of queries asking again about the detail provided at that session. Please see below a response made to one of those queries, which should hopefully clarify again:

“Good afternoon,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Like you, we were caught unawares last week when, with 8 days of term left, the provider gave notice that she intended to close her business here at WPS. Bev joined me at the meeting with parents and confirmed that the reason for this was that being registered for only 8 children meant that the wraparound provision wasn’t “worth her while”.

CIW adhere to strict regulations with regards to registration and the only room in the school which meets their criteria is the one currently in operation and which, as we know, is too small for the current provider to continue with. Bev Burgess knows and understands these criteria as we have spoken about them together with CCS Health and Safety Officer, Nicole Overton, a few weeks ago. I’m sure she’d be happy to clarify the detail for you.

As I said, with such a short space of notice it is proving a challenge to get alternative provision registered, recruited for and in place by September.

Please be assured though that we are speaking with alternative providers at the moment and once we have further information to share we will update parents as promised.

We very much appreciate the challenges of being a working parent which is why we have trialled wraparound provision for the first time this year. We also appreciate you getting in touch and letting us know your concerns which will be shared with governors who are working hard to source a solution.”

July 11th

As you will know from our message earlier this week, Bev Burgess, the Wraparound / After School Club provider gave us notice on Tuesday afternoon of her intention to close her business at WPS as of Friday, July 19th. Mrs Burgess has also decided not to run the planned holiday club.

Following my meeting with parents yesterday and then the termly meeting of the full governing body yesterday evening, I can confirm that we are actively pursuing alternative provision on behalf of our families. We have spoken with other providers and have appointments for site visits next week.

Pending the outcomes from those visits, we will update you as soon as we have information to share.


July 1st

Don’t forget your chance to meet with the inspection team at 3.45 pm today!

Parents’ meeting agenda


June 28th

The ‘Pedal Power’ Disco was a huge (very noisy) success. You’ll have seen photos on Twitter and our website of children from both phases enjoying the event.

A reminder that next week is our annual Celebration Week. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for our parent and family workshops. Check out the information at your child’s classroom for details of days / times.

As you know, we have Wales’ schools inspection service, Estyn, visiting next week too. Don’t forget the meeting on Monday at 3.45 pm when  parents and carers have chance to meet with members of the inspection team. This will take place in the school hall.

Next week is an important week as well for our young athletes who have made it through to the finals of the County selection trials. Pob lwc pawb!

June 21st

It was regional trials day for our athletics team on Tuesday. They displayed superb resilience and their hard training paid off with five being being selected for the regional finals in early July.

World Refugee Day was held on Thursday. Every year, millions of people are forced to flee from their homes in order to keep safe from war, persecution or natural disaster. Senedd Mission forum found out that those who have to leave their country are called refugees. The international World Refugee Day aimed to raise awareness of this issue, which affects millions of people across the world. The latest figures from the United Nations (UN) suggest that every minute, around 25 people have to leave everything behind in search of a safer life. Establishing ‘School of Sanctuary’ principles is one of our priorities this year (as we explore the core values of dignity and respect), and planned activities from the event helped us gain a better understanding of what it can be like to be an unaccompanied child in a strange and unfamiliar setting. Mission forum will help lead us onto the next step as we explore the difference between refugee and asylum seeker.

Following their partnership with Portmead Primary, Curriculum Cymreig forum are organising a ‘Pedal Power Disco’ on Monday. Workshops throughout the morning will allow children the chance to listen to a range of Welsh bands and musicians, after which they will select a playlist for the afternoon disco…..which will be powered by four exercise bikes. Confused?! Check out our twitter feed throughout the day to find out what’s happening.

June 14th

As promised, Governors have met to review the trial process of locking the top gate between 9am – 3pm daily. No responses had been received from parents and so combining that fact with the H & S advice already being drawn upon, the decision was made to lock the gates at that time on a permanent basis with immediate effect. Mrs Sopronuik, our Chair of Governors, met on site with parents and carers this week to further seek opinion and the decision has been made to pursue quotes for work to install an intercom facility at this point of entry. We will also secure H & S advice about this proposal.

Well done to our netball team for their awesome effort in yesterday’s match after school, when they were narrowly beaten 4-3. Mr Reid especially praised the respect displayed by both teams – da iawn, pawb. Y3/4 enjoyed their basketball day on Wednesday and check out our Twitter feed for pictures of YN enjoying their sports’ day on Tuesday. Sadly, the rain returned on Thursday and Friday which meant our planned FP and KS2 sports’ days have had to be postponed.

We extend thanks again to the team of parents who came in voluntarily to spruce up the floor painting in our nursery outdoor play area. It’s looking so much better! Lara has suggested the idea of volunteer ‘work teams’ becoming a weekly event, possibly on a Wednesday after school. If you are interested in becoming involved, please let us know.

June 10th

We have received notice from Wales’ schools’ inspection service, Estyn, that the school is to be inspected between July 1st – 4th 2019. Your views and opinions form an important part of this event. You will have chance to meet with the inspection team at 3.45pm on Monday, July 1st. The parents’ and carers’ leaflet Waunarlwydd Primary School Parents leaflet en provides you with more information along with a link you can use to access the questionnaire. If you need help with this, or would prefer a paper copy, then Mrs Richards or Mrs Lang would be happy to help. The access code you will need is: 13257

June 7th

Well done to our performing arts group who took part of in the Grand Theatre’s ‘Primary Partners‘ event on Tuesday evening. With their medley of Disney songs taken from Lion King and Moana, they sang and danced their way through the production with confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who came along to support and enjoy.

We’ve enjoyed hosting the Key to Life exhibition this week as well, which gave children the chance to interactively learn about beliefs associated with the Christian faith. Thank you to our friends at St Barnabas for helping to make it happen.

Sports’ days kick off next week with Nursery being the first class to show off their skills. We’re hoping for this to happen on Monday afternoon so will be watching the weather forecast with special interest this weekend!

May 24th

We said “goodbye” to our Spanish visitors this morning. Paz and Paula teach in schools in the Asturias region of northern Spain and spent time with classes as part of the Erasmus programme, finding out about the way the new curriculum is starting to embed here in Wales, as well as taking time to share some of the language and culture from their home region. It’s been a week to remember.

A big “thank you” is extended again to our friends at St. Barnabas who have hosted us again this week to explore the story of the ‘Boy in the Temple’.

Our music and dance group has been putting the finishing touches in rehearsals for our performance as part of the ‘Grand Theatre Partners‘ production which will take place after half term. WPS will be performing on Tuesday, June 4th. Tickets are available from the box office.

We wish everyone a happy half term holiday and look forward to welcoming you back on June 3rd.

May 17th

Another week of amazing performances by our sports’ teams! The netball team won their inaugural match of the season and the girls’ football team won through to become semi-finalists in the CCS schools’ playoffs.

Y5/6 have produced fabulous health promotion videos this week as well. Check some out the best of them on our Twitter feed. The same Twitter feed will also give you an idea of our progress towards the ‘battery challenge’. A big “thank you” to everyone helping us with this, and a continued thanks to Mrs Cooper as well for her now almost daily collection of our non-recyclable plastics, which is helping us achieve our ‘plastic challenge’ as well.

Our links with schools around the globe help our pupils gain a much better understanding of the world beyond Waunarlwydd. Next week, we’re looking forward to welcoming two teachers from Northern Spain who will be spending the week with us. As part of the Erasmus+ programme, the visit will give us all the chance to find out a little more about what the differences and similarities are between schools in the two countries.

Senedd forums have agreed our new priorities for 2019-20. Check out the new development plan on the website and let us know what you think. You’ll also find a copy of our new ‘Pupil Development Grant’ (PDG) there as well.

May 10th

We’ve enjoy a great week of activities as part of our Healthy Schools celebration week. ‘Football First’ helped us with gain a pretty energetic start with a day packed with activities for nursery right through to Y6 on Tuesday. Older pupils have talked about the links between mental health and screen time and the nurse has been in today and on Tuesday, to lead discussions about hygiene and nutrition, diet and exercise. We’ll hold another #SAFEAS event before the end of term, as part of our annual celebration week, for pupils to present on this themselves.

Well done to all the Senedd groups who helped Miss Tyrrell and Mrs Cornish put together such a fantastic event.

May 3rd

Welcome back, everyone. We hope you enjoyed a good Easter break

Our Healthy Schools senedd group has come up with a leaflet promoting healthy packed lunches. They’ve taken a lot of time to plan the information so let us know what you think about their ideas.

We need to know as well what you think about our revised arrangements for making the site safe during the school day. As you will already know, following advice from CCS’ Health and Safety Officer, governors are trialling the closure of the top gate between 9am – 3pm. We know this will present difficulty for some, especially those with nursery aged children. So far, the response has been mostly positive but do let us know your views so that we plan for the longer term.

April 12th

 One of the responses to last year’s parent/carer questionnaire was the suggestion to further increase participation in local area sporting opportunities.

Pupils have benefited from a wide range of sports since September. As evidenced by the table below, they’ve demonstrated resilience as well as self-confidence, particularly with sports previously untested such as basketball. As the Spring term draws to a close we thought you’d like to see a summary of those activities:

Sports’ summary 2018-19

Netball NGP cluster tournament Winners
Netball Swansea Netball finals Semi-finalist (3rd place)
Football Gorseinon Coll Tournament Runners up
Football Swansea School FA Girls’ Tournament Group winners
Football Match with Parkland Primary Winners (6-1)
Basketball LC2 Festival
Football Match with Gorseinon (girls + boys teams) Winners
Rugby Gowerton cluster schools
Cross Country Area races (3) County finalists (qualified for County team)
Cross Country W Glam . Dyfed Representing County
Indoor athletics Swansea area competition Several pupils gaining top three positions in events
Outdoor athletics Swansea University

We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday, April 29th for another term packed with opportunities. Pasg hapus, pawb.


April 5th 

From “pob lwc” to “da iawn” to Ella who was successful in the cross country trials last week. Ella now gains her county vest and will represent Swansea in the regional event.

The whole of our Foundation Phase took part in a ballet performance at Ffwrnes Theatre this week. The Sweets in Space performance represented the culmination of a term’s hard work (and fun), with a project that has helped our youngest learners explore expressive talents and skills in a brand new context. A big thank you to ‘Miss Emma’ and all of the Foundation Phase staff who helped to make this possible, and of course to all our parents, families and carers who came along to support.

Our older pupils have taken part in Dance Experience at the Taliesin today. This has been another chance for pupils to test out new talents and skills, and to be able to showcase them as part of a collaborative performance.

March 29th

The children’s performance at the Brangwyn Hall this week, as part of a North Gower Partnership event, was outstanding. Their routine involved a medley of songs from Disney musicals and they ended with a song from The Greatest Showman – what a finale! They will be performing again in the Grand Theatre in June so if you weren’t able to get to the Brangwyn last week there’s still a chance for you to catch them.

Don’t forget our Foundation Phase ‘Tiny Toes’ ballet performance which takes place (after weeks and weeks of preparation) in Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli next Wednesday (April 2nd) as well..

Pob lwc to Ella who runs in the County Cross Country finals later on this afternoon. Well done to the athletics team. Mr Evans describes their performance in the indoor competition this week as “awesome”. The Y4/5 football team has done well too, coming a close second in their tournament this week.

Starlab visited this week and gave pupils the chance to experience


March 22nd

RSPB have been with us this week. Using our surroundings, they have led individual classes through different learning programmes focusing on birdlife and natural habitats.

We found out a little more about how laws are made though a UK Government assembly this week. Following on from our participation in ‘UK Parliament Week‘ earlier this year, the visit helped to firm up understanding of democracy and the part we can all play.

Well done to our netball team who got through to the Swansea Schools’ semi finals this week.

March 15th

Red Nose day has ruled today and thanks to your generous support we’ve raised over £500.

We’re always looking for chances to talk with other schools: to learn from others and to share some of our own practice too. With this in mind, Criw Cymraeg visited Portmead Primary School with Mrs Melen this week and have come back brimming with ideas to share with their Senedd group.

Governors met for their annual self-evaluation day today. Our current priority plan is due to be updated in April and so they used the chance to check on progress and to talk with pupils and staff to get a better idea of the sorts of priorities which are already molding our ideas for the new plan 2019-20. It’s been a really positive experience. Pupils were able to talk through their own senedd group’s priorities with great self assurance, showing their ownership of these plans as well as their understanding of their context. Governors also got the chance to meet with their Area of Learning link teacher in order to match outcomes against our starting points in April 2018.

It proved to be a really productive afternoon with our learners once again leading the way forward. Governors were impressed not only by the quality of their contribution and their progress in skills and knowledge,  but with the vast amount of quality experiences they could see pupils were being provided with on a weekly basis.

The new plan for 2019-20 draws on parent / carer / family comments and observations too. Our #SAFEAS events in particular, have really helped with this process this year.

You’ll be able to view the plan for 2019-20 online after Easter.


March 8th

Our week began with a wonderful celebration of all things Welsh during our annual Eisteddfod. The cross-curricular creativity on show was a joy to see. A big well done to all pupils for taking part and congratulations to all winners.

To continue the musical theme of the week, a big thank you to Gowerton Comprehensive School for hosting another successful Instrumental Day. Our children enjoyed a very productive day, culminating in a superb concert to parents. Well done to all involved.

We also celebrated World Book Day, with the range of fancy dress characters from novels outstanding. Pupils and teachers thoroughly enjoyed sharing their love of reading to other classes.

The Foundation Phase are continuing to enjoy their Tiny Toes dance project rehearsals before their big performance in a few weeks.

Remember, the Book Fayre is in school next week and it will be open before and after school for pupils to buy their favourite books. We have changed provider this year to make it more cost effective for parents.

Also, Red Nose Day is next Friday. The children have chosen a ‘pyjama’ theme of the day. I’m sure it will be another great success. As always, thank you for your ongoing support.


February 22nd

Well done to our cross-country team for their efforts in the local championships this week.

Our Y6 pupils have enjoyed a brilliant time away at Llangranog this week where they gained the chance to ski, horse ride, toboggan and rock climb to name but a few of the activities on offer. While they were away, Y5 got the chance to undertake a week long course on life skills with Mrs Cornish.

The governors’ Finance and Maintenance/Premises subgroups are meeting on the first day back in March. Amongst other items on the two agendas is the issue of site security. Having commissioned the LA’s Health & Safety Officer to undertake an audit, the sub group will consider recommendations which will then feed into the new annual plan starting from April.

Have a lovely half term everyone and thank you again for your support again this term.

February 15th

The netball team took part in a local tournament, largely made up of Gowerton partner schools, on Monday. We participated in this tournament last year and didn’t do very well in terms of score points at that time! However, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and returned to school determined to build and refine their skills. The team has worked hard at this over the course of the last 12 months and so were thrilled to return to the event this year and not only compete at a higher level but to end up winning the overall tournament. Da iawn to all involved and special thanks to Ms Williams, Mrs Wallace and Mr Reid for helping our Y5 and 6 pupils achieve this.

Foundation Phase are loving their Tiny Toes dance project. Getting ready for their theatre performance in April, they have started work on designing and making the props they’ll need as well as their costumes. Don’t forget, this will take place in Theatre Sir Gar on April 3rd.

CCS’s Health and Safety Officer made a site walk on Monday. We’ve asked the LA for help in reviewing site security and the officer’s recommendations will be discussed by governors on March 4th.

February 8th

As part of our ‘Safer Internet’ week activities, the Digital Crew led a session for families on Tuesday focusing on ways of staying safe online. They did a terrific job and parents reported feeling much better informed at the end of the session than they had been had the start. Thank you to everyone who came along to support them.

We’re working with the City and County of Swansea towards becoming a ‘School of Sanctuary‘. The aims match well with our existing school ethos which seeks to ensure the provision of a welcoming, inclusive community for all and builds on the local authority’s aim of becoming a City of Sanctuary.

The school council comprises of the elected leads from each of our senedd forums. These representatives met with the Lord Mayor along with Cabinet Member for Education, Jen Rayner, in the debating chamber at the Guildhall on Tuesday and were able to discuss our ‘next steps’ with regards to these plans. The school council brought with them the questions their groups had asked them to take forward and enjoyed a really useful session with Cllr David Phillips. Jane Whitmore had emailed a ‘position statement’ drawn from her recent visit to the school, and this helped provide Cllrs Phillips and Rayner with a clearer picture of what had already been achieved. We will be following up contact with the only other School of Sanctuary within the authority, Pentrehafod, as part of our ‘next steps’ plan.


February 1st

Our ‘Tiny Toes’ project continues to thrill our youngest learners. We’re grateful for the Arts Council Wales grant which made this possible and look forward to sharing the production with you at Theatre Sir Gar on April 3rd. Don’t forget to put the date in your diary.

You’ll have noticed the new ‘CROESO’ mosaic has now been installed too. Designed and made by our pupils as part of an extended arts’ residency with local artist, Ami Marsden, this exciting experience was also made possible by external funding (well done, Nia!).

Don’t forget our #SAFEAS event at 2.35 next Tuesday. As part of our ‘Safer Internet’ day activities, pupils will lead us through the presentation they’ve prepared which explains  the best ways of enjoying the internet safely.

Bev Burgess, who currently runs the After School Club, this week gained approval from CIW to establish ‘Wraparound’ care provision which will initially run between 11.20 am – 6.00 pm. Bev is eventually hoping to extend this provision from 9.00 am, should the levels of interest be there. If you would like to find out more about this provision then please contact us so that we can pass on Bev’s contact details.

January 25th

A reminder about our next #safeas event for families which will take place at 2.35 pm on Feb 5th, as part of our Safer Internet day:

Our Internet, Our Choice: Understanding Consent in a Digital  World

This year Safer Internet Day will focus on how consent works in an online context and will ask young people to explore how they ask, give, and receive consent online. This could be in their friendships, how they take and share images and videos or how they manage their privacy and data.

The campaign encourages young people to explore how the internet works, who owns the information that is shared on it.

This will be led by pupils, and pupils will also share what their class have been doing during the Safer Internet Day report on Friday 8th assembly.

If you would like to find out more about ways of helping your child stay safe online here is the link to some education packs

January 18th

Family Learning restarted on Wednesday. Parents and carers got the chance to find out a little more about the way our youngest pupils are learning about reading and number skills. Adults get to make games and resources before being joined by their children (who absolutely love this bit) to use them together.  The sessions are split into two: the first half is where the making and the talking happens, the second half is where the children get to try out the resources their mums/dads/nanas/grampas have made.  As well as providing some “just us” time for children and adults, it gives parents and carers time to get to know other parents and carers too. If your child is in Reception class, ask Miss Morris or Mrs MacDonnell for more information.

A massive well done to the girls on the football team this week for their unbeaten run in their latest tournament. They are going from strength to strength!

January 11th 2019

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

We’ve started 2019 with a busy week, with adults and children alike spending time ‘finding out’. Our In-Service Training (INSET) day on Monday provided staff with the chance to find out more about what it means to be an ‘Autism Aware School’, to reflect on our current practice and to plan for next steps. Children returned to school on Tuesday and some of them visited the Sony factory in Bridgend where they found  out more about coding. Others have had the chance to update their cycling skills through four days of cycling proficiency, kindly provided by Cycling Training Wales.

We plan to re-start our Playbus afternoons this term. Numbers attending had dropped off towards the end of last term but I hear from many of you who want this provision to continue so please help us spread the word and to remind parents and carers of any child under 5, regardless of whether or not they’re WPS pupils, that these sessions will take place every Monday between 1 – 3pm.

Next week we are looking forward to taking part in Welsh Water‘s water efficiency schools’ outreach project.

Heads up as well about another #SAFEAS event which we’ll be holding for parents and families as part of our ‘Safer Internet Day’ on February 5th. More information to follow but it will run between 2.30 – 3.15 so make sure it’s in the diary!


December 21st

The Lord Mayor joined us for one of our concerts last week. During his visit he made links with the senedd groups responsible for advancing our School of Sanctuary plans. As CCS lead for City of Sanctuary, Cllr Phillips was interested to learn of our progress so far and arranged for  senedd representatives to meet him at the Mansion House in January to find out a little more of Swansea’s plans as well. This builds on the local authority link already established with Jane Whitmore who is due to visit us in January, and helps our learners gain a broader perspective of how local plans are driven by national ones.

Our amazing Eco team presented progress to an Eco Schools assessor this week and as a result we’ve be re-accredited as a platinum award Eco school. Thanks to Eco senedd who along with Mrs Cornish and Miss Tyrrell took such a well-organised lead on this and who continue to focus us on plans for sustaining our natural resources for future generations to benefit from too.

Mr Jenkins’ class presented a ‘Right to our own beliefs’ (December’s ‘right of the month’) assembly yesterday. They took the opportunity to showcase some of this term’s work to parents and families too.

We’ve also enjoyed cinema trips, parties and even a visit from Santa this week as well.

Thank you again for all the help and support you’ve provided this term: it really has made a difference. We return to school on January 8th (INSET Day, January 7th). Between now and then you will be caught up in the busyness of Christmas. We hope it is a happy one for you all, followed by a peaceful New Year.

Nadolig Llawen, pawb!


Universal Credit

As you know,  the Government is rolling out Universal Credit to those of working age in Swansea from 13th December 2017 .  The local authority have issued the following advice:

People will need to claim Universal Credit instead of making a new claim for Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit. 

If you are awarded an amount of Universal Credit you will be eligible for Free School Meals.  Even if your child does not wish to have the free dinners it is important that parents/carers apply for Free school meals if they are eligible, as the school receives additional funding as a result of the number of children in the school who are eligible for free school meals. This funding allows a range of measures to be put in place aimed at raising attainment, increasing opportunities and supporting all learners.

For information and to apply for free school meals visit: For information on Universal Credit visit:


December 14th

What a fantastic week of productions we’ve enjoyed: A Special Baby (Nursery), Christmas with the Aliens (Foundation Phase) and Pirates of the Curry Bean (KS2). The enthusiastic audiences made all the hard work and effort worthwhile and we appreciated the many messages of congratulations received afterwards.

We’re finishing the week off with our choir participating in the community carol service at Sardis Chapel at 6 pm on Sunday.

One of our Nursery children won the UNISON Christmas card competition. Lily attended the awards ceremony with her parents, hosted in the Guildhall by the Lord Mayor. Lily’s efforts and talent netted the school £250 to be spent on sports’ equipment, as well as a goodie bag for herself. Lily will meet with senedd in January to help decide what the money will be spent on.

We’ve rounded the week off with a Christmas jumper day which thanks to your generosity raised £215 for charity. Phil Davies of Dunvant Church  presented a Christmas Assembly today as well.

December 7th

Our Christmas Fayre this week raised £654!! This is the result of a fantastic combined effort from pupils and staff who planned, made and sold some really super Christmas cakes and craftware, and parents/families who worked so hard to help put it all together. Our choir opened the event with style and put us all in a festive mood. As you know, Kelli Phillips entered and won a Swans competition for Leon Britton and Lee Trundle to attend. Unfortunately, Lee was ill on the day but Leon stayed around for the whole time and joined our children for ‘green screen’  photographs.

The concerts will take place over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, and don’t forget our community carol service at which our choir will be singing, at Sardis Chapel on December 16th at 6pm as well.

Thank you all again for the hard work and effort that went into making this week’s fayre such a success. As well as raising much needed funds it was an event the children enjoyed taking part in so much.

November 30th

Thank you to St Barnabas for helping to get our Christmas celebrations off to a flying start by hosting us for ‘The Christmas Experience’on Monday and to Heini Jones for taking our Christmas assembly on Tuesday as well. Concert rehearsals are well underway. KS2 pantomime this year is ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean, whilst Foundation Phase will be presenting ‘Christmas Aliens’ and Nursery, ‘A Special Baby’.

November 23rd

Under the direction of Ms Williams, Y5 had the experience of a lifetime with their performance of Julius Caesar at the Taliesin last Friday. They were superb! All signs of nervousness left them the minute they took to the stage and their performance earned them praise from the company who described it as “bold, brave and dynamic”. It was a truly memorable evening, one which our young artistes and their families will remember for a long time to come.

Da iawn as well to Y2 and Mrs Thomas / Mrs Evans, whose class assembly on the’ right to learn’ reminded everyone of the huge variety of opportunities our learners are presented with every week.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support both of these events.

Ami Marsden has continued her residency work with KS2 pupils this week. The developing panels look amazing and it’s been rewarding to watch our pupils’ skills and confidence increase week by week.

We were proud to be able to share these sorts of achievements with our challenge adviser as par t of our Core Visit this week. The visit on Tuesday gave our senedd forum groups as well as staff, the chance to showcase the sorts of practice which is helping us gain such excellent outcomes year on year.

November 16th

We’re thrilled to be able to tell you that we’ve been re-accredited with UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools Gold Award. Senedd representatives presented an outstanding day for assessors last month and were able to showcase a variety of really successful RRS practice. Most importantly, they were able to signpost the difference these behaviours had made as well as some credible plans for ‘next steps’. Da iawn to the team led by Ms Williams, and to Mrs Cornish and Miss Tyrrell who continue lead the way with our ‘Right to be Healthy/Safe” work as well. Our #SAFEAS event for parents and carers this week gave the chance to view the NSPCC ‘PANTS’ materials which we currently use with our young leaners. If you weren’t able to come along to this, please feel free to ask your child’s class teacher for more information.

Weeks and weeks of hard work and rehearsals will come together this evening when Y5 perform Julius Caesar at the Taliesin as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. Dress rehearsal went well today with everyone knowing their lines and being able to put into practice all they have learned about stagecraft.

A fantastic £1056 has been raised as part of our Children in Need activities today. Thank you to everyone who helped and to those who contributed so generously.

November 9th

We’ve continued with our art residency project this week, with Ami Marsden inspiring pupil creativity to design and make the ‘CROESO’ panels for our playground.

WPS believes in the value of pupils using their voice to make a difference. Preparing for next week’s ‘UK Parliament Week 2018’, we’ve taken this further by exploring the need for systems of democratic decision-making on a national scale as well. Check out the main website as well as our Twitter feed to see what we’ll be up to.

Diolch to everyone who attended the cluster Remembrance concert with us at Penclawdd primary school on Thursday evening. Our choir performed superbly and the event was a memorable one.


October 26th

Congratulations to our fantastic kitchen team whose efforts gained as a maximum score of 5* in a health and safety inspection this week!

Our INSET day last Friday gave us the chance to join with other North Gower schools for a really productive day of training. Teaching staff focused on strategies and planning aimed at developing pupil reasoning skills in maths, whilst teaching assistants enjoyed a comprehensive programme of expressive and creative arts.

Another successful football for our girls’ team yesterday – this team goes from strength to strength.

Well done as well, and thank you, to everyone who supported our end of term disco last night, with special thanks to the FoW team who helped run it (and certainly led in the dressing up stakes)

Ami Marsden has continued with her residency this week as well, loaning our pupils the chance to gain new creative arts experiences.

Our learners have enjoyed an excellent session led by ‘Mad Science‘ this week too.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely half term and will welcome everybody back on Monday, November 5th,

October 19th

The ‘Eco’ forum group is getting stuck in with their ‘plastic challenge’ this term. The challenge is not just to find new ways of recycling (thank you to Natasha and Freya’s mum for loaning such excellent support for this) but to reduce our overall use of this material as well.

A reminder that parent evenings run this week and next. These opportunities to meet you child’s class teacher individually, build on your opportunity to meet as a whole group at the start of term, so if you haven’t had chance to take advantage of this invitation yet please don’t forget to make a date next week.

A number of parents and local residents have raised concerns about parking issues at the beginning and end of the day. These are obviously busy times so please help us make the drop off and collection of your children as safe as it can possibly be by making sure you stop / park responsibly, remembering how easy it is for a small child to fall out of the line of vision.

October 12th

We’ve experimented quite a bit with the use of photography in art. The ‘Curriculum’ forum wanted to extend this further and so this week Mrs Wallace and Mr Reid undertook a day’s training aimed at building skills and understanding around the use of photography as a means of extending our creative arts provision. We are looking forward to experimenting further with our learning plans for this year.

When Nia won the national art competition in the summer, our ‘Enterprise’ forum decided to spend some of the prize money on commissioning an artist to work in residence with us, designing and producing a number of art panels for the KS2 playground area. Local Artist, Ami Marsden, began the work this week. Focusing on themes of community, a sense of ‘belonging’ and the local environment she led children though the work of Frank Brangwyn, Mary Lloyd Jones, Nick Holly and Kyffin Williams. Ms Marsden highlighted the abstract landscape detail of Mary LJ’s work and contrasted it with the community detail of Nick’s and the emotive moods within Kyffin’s. Pupils explored the feelings associated with each and also examined Frank Brangwyn’s panels which presented an alternative depiction of the British Empire at their time of creation.

Pupils reflected on what it meant to be part of a community and on what community meant to them. Moving on to then consider ‘community’ within the context of their locality, the children took some time to explore their school grounds, making rubbings of different textures and combining colours to build impressions of mood and tone.

Combining all of this to expand skills and understanding, they will be able to design panels reflecting personal choice as well as consideration for the environment they were to be displayed in. The resulting ‘CROESO’ sign will aim to catch the eye immediately on entry to the site, setting our ethos and expectations well.

For information about this exciting project, check out the presentation link on our homepage.

Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously to our harvest celebrations this week. Your contributions have been handed onto the Waunarlwydd food bank as requested. Thank you as well to St Barnabas’ ‘Open the Book’ team who led our harvest thanksgiving assembly on Thursday so thoughtfully.

October 5th

The senedd Healthy School forum asked for more opportunities to play football matches at lunchtime as well as after school, and some of you requested this as part of your family questionnaire response in the summer term as well. As a result,  we’ve started lunchtime tournaments this week which have kicked off with much enthusiasm. A big ‘thank you’ is extended to Mr Reid in particular for helping to make this happen. A tournament with a local schools is planned for after school next Tuesday as well, along with training on Wednesday.

Y3 enjoyed a brilliant dance workshop with National Dance Wales this morning. Working on a piece entitled Atalay, choreographed by Mario Bermudez Gil, they explored movements relating to the four elements: fire, wind, earth and water, set to music.

Don’t forget our Harvest celebrations next week. On Monday Foundation Phase will be visiting the church and on Thursday 11th, St Barnabas’ Open the Book team will be leading our event here at the school. The senedd’s Mission forum has selected Waunarlwydd’s food bank as the recipient for this year’s collection.


September 28th

The guitar (KS2) and ukulele (Y3/4) introduction went well on Monday. We’ll trial this as a weekly spot until Christmas so if you’d like your child to be involved but haven’t let us know yet then please pop into the office on Monday.

We’ve made the most of the sunny autumn weather this week with Foundation Phase enjoying a trip to Margam to kick off their theme for this term and Ms Williams’ class picking blackberries for their tie dye project.

We’ll be celebrating Harvest on October 11th, supported by our friends from St Barnabas. The ‘Mission’ forum will meet later today to agree this year’s charity recipient.

The Clarkes Shoeshare box is filled to overflowing but no need to worry: a second box has already been started and you have until October 16th to help us fill it. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed so generously. Your kindness will help make a difference to children’s access to education around the globe.

September 21st

We were pleased to welcome Rhiannon Page from Welsh Government this morning, along with representatives from Swansea’s ‘Children’s Rights’ team, Beth Thomas and Katie Spendiff. Rhiannon visted us to  learn more about our rights-based approach. Representatives of our Senedd forum led the visit. They explained how pupil voice works at WPS and, most importantly, the difference it makes.

Playbus started again this week so if you have / know of friends with any pre- Nursery age children please help us spread the word and bring them along. The sessions will run weekly on Monday afternoon between 1.30-3pm until further notice and is based in our Nursery wing.

Computer Club starts after school today as well, and runs until the end of November. On Monday we will start our trial run of free ukulele lessons for Y3. In addition, there will be a ‘taster’ guitar session for anyone who wants to bring their instrument along to see if they’d like to continue with these sessions for the rest of the term.

Our Clarkes Shoeshare initiative has started well and runs until October 16th. Check out the letter on our website which provides more information as well as a video link showcasing some of the charity’s work and achievements to date. Please help us fill our big blue box with any unwanted shoes. They’ll be going to a very good cause.

Enjoy a good weekend, all, and don’t forget your guitars on Monday!

September  14th 2018

Croseo i bawb! It’s been great to see our children settling so well into their new classes and routines from the very start. Thank you to everyone who came along to the individual class “welcome” events this week. We hope you found the information useful and the chance to meet your children’s new teachers profitable. The sessions also kicked off our #SAFEAS programme for this year which will involve opportunities for home/school sharing of information aimed at improving the way we combine to keep our children safe.

There will be an emphasis on ‘expressive and creative arts performance’ this term with a number of classes gaining the opportunity to work with theatre groups as well as artists in residence. In response to our pupil voice ‘senedd’ groups we will also be revamping opportunities to learn musical instruments. Building on the success achieved so far, we will be contining with the ever popular drumming lessons (please sign up if you’re interested and haven’t already done so), expanding our ukulele opportunities to free lessons for all Y3 (a trial period until October half term) and introducing guitar lessons for those with their own instruments who wish to learn.

Our pupils  value their right to an education and are keen to extend this opportunity to their peers across the globe. With this in mind, our senedd ‘Mission’ group selected ‘Room to Read’ as our chosen ‘away’ charity for this year 2018-19 Room to Reads. Follow this link to find out the difference the work of this charity has made to date.

In 2014 we gained the gold award from UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools standards committee for our work across the school. Four years on we are grateful to Clarkes Shoes for their grant of £1000 and this will enable us to undertake a reassessment for this award which will give us the chance to celebrate all the progress we’ve made since then. The award comes with just two conditions: that we submit for assessment before July ’19 (the assessment day will take place on October 16th) and that we host a ‘Clarkes Shoeshare’ event before then. Further information about this scheme will be circulated once we receive the Shoeshare kit but in the meantime if you have unwanted shoes that you would like to pass on please send in with your child.

You will have seen in our newsletter the dates for parent evenings in October but if you have further queries before then please don’t hesitate to come in and see us.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. We look forward to working with you to help make this year the best one yet for your child.


July 20th

Our boys’ football team have rounded their year off with another win this week whilst Y5 were rewarded with certificates for completing their life skills coaching. Congratulations as well to Lewis for his winning design for the community anti-littering sign which is already being displayed around the village.

In addition to all our trips and beach visits this week, today we’ve welcomed  two important community partners who have provided great opportunities for our pupils. is a partnership which describes its input as “making good doable”. Our children benefited from a visit sponsored by Virgin Atlantic which opened their eyes further to the opportunities available to them to make a difference locally, nationally and globally.

Meanwhile, in the KS 2 playground, Griffiths Construction were constructing a full size bridge with our Y5s who found the experience an authentic way of rounding off this term’s topic.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in helping to make all of this happen.

We don’t finish until next Tuesday and still have trips, parties and a few surprises to enjoy before the end of term so don’t forget to come to school as normal on Monday.

Good luck to everyone taking part in tomorrow’s village carnival!

July 13th

Getting ready to meet our new pupils from September, we’ve held ‘welcome’ events this week for parents and families of Reception pupils as well as Nursery children.

Our pupils have responded to a Rights survey circulated by the Children’s Commissioner and the results were sent onto us this week. They make really pleasing reading, revealing pupils’ views on how safe and included they feel at our school.

Building on last week’s success, our girls’ football team won through to the Swansea finals which will take place next week. What an achievement!

Well done as well to our very own Mrs Fletcher-Murphy who this week learned that she has passed her City & Guilds Level 3 certificate in Education.

Da iawn pawb!

July 6th

Well done to Arwel and Maddie who not only got through to the Swansea Athletics finals this week…..but won gold medals in each of their races as well. Da iawn both!

Thank you to everyone involved in helping to make our summer fayre such a success this week too.

Don’t forget to return your parent/carer questionnaires if you haven’t already done so. As you’ll have seen from the progress report which accompanied it,  your views and ideas help shape the action plans for next year so please take this opportunity to share them with us.

June 29th

What a fantastic celebration week we’ve enjoyed with our pupil-led workshops for parents and families. Thank you for turning up in such huge numbers and joining in all the different events your children had prepared for you. They loved it!

Our own ‘world cup’ tournament has been completed as well with ‘Argentina’ beating ‘France’ in the final.

June 22nd

Thank you to everyone who helped make ‘Carly Day‘ – our annual charity day – such a success again today. With a focus on ‘kindness to all’, our sponsored walk and raffles raised over £1660 which was shared between the air ambulunce service and ‘Friends of Waunarlwydd Park’ team. Check out the new ‘butterfly promises’ which have turned the fence into a rainbow of colour.

A big shout out as well to the girls’ football team who competed so well at the tournament on Wednesday, and to Arwel and Maddie who have qualified for the County Athletics finals too. We’ve enjoyed a boisterous start to our own world cup competition. The final is due to be held next Monday.

Next week is ‘Celebration Week‘. Our pupils have prepared some fantastic workshops for you all so please don’t forget to come along to share in the learning they want to showcase: Monday – Reception and Y1, Tuesday – Y2 & Y3/4 and Wednesday Y5/6.

June 15th

Three great days of sport and fun were enjoyed this week by all our learners who were supported by huge numbers of family and friends. The programme of events was as imaginative and creative as ever and our children had the chance to test out and showcase their considerable skills against a backdrop of perfect weather, so “thank you” to everyone who worked so hard to make all this happen.Thanks as well to FoW who provided refreshments, raising funds for outdoor learning resources at the same time.

June 8th

Welcome back to school, pawb. We hope you all enjoyed the sun over half term, and hope even more that it remains sunny for our sports’ days next week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

You’ll recall us partnering up with Swansea University’s Dylan Ed programme in March. As well as enjoying a day’s residency with the team we took part in a regional competition as a follow up, focusing on childhood memories. We are thrilled to announce that out of seven winning entries across the region FIVE came from WPS! Even greater news is the fact that the overall winner was one of our  entries too. Da iawn to all who took part especially our five winning writers. The team visited the school today in order to announce the news and to make presentations to the worthy winners in a special assembly.

Da iawn pawb a diolch to all who took part.

May 25th

Data Protection.

Well done to Mr Jenkins’ class for helping us end the half term on such a positive note with their class assembly which celebrated this month’s right of the month, which has been ‘the right to know our rights’. Their performance showcased not just their creative talents and skills but their knowledge and understanding of rights respecting behaviours too.

GDPR:  Data protection law in the UK is changing in May 2018.  This link will take you to a very short video that explains these changes.

Not much will change for schools as we have strict data protection processes in place already.  A lot of the work carried out by the school does not require your consent as it forms part of the daily functions of the school.  However, we will require your consent for certain additional aspects, and will be in contact over the coming weeks and months as we work to become fully compliant with the new regulations.  An example of this is the request from Hwb to provide your child with additional features and resources. Please remember to return this if you haven’t already done so. Over the coming terms we will be updating our existing policies, admission and introduction packs, consent forms and website etc. In the meantime, we’ve uploaded our privacy policy (along with a child-friendly version as well) onto the website for you to have a look at.

Our #SAFEAS event on Tuesday evening for families gave us chance to explain the changes in more detail but if you weren’t able to attend or  have more questions to ask then please make contact with us.

The evening also gave us the chance to share the new development plans which you’ve had input with, as well as more eSafety tips and advice and the new Sex and Relationships programme too.

The instrumental day hosted by Gowerton School on Thursday gave our musicians the chance to make music and to perform in front of an audience. They struck up some Samba music with real flair!

Have a wonderful half term break. Thank you again for all your support since Easter. We look forward to welcoming you back on June 4th.

May 18th

As you’ll have seen on our Twitter feed, the ‘Playbus‘ came to visit this week. It will be here again on Monday afternoon so if you have a pre school child, please come along and enjoy the treat. The ‘Play on Wheels’ team provides support for the Family Partnership team which has a worker (Melanie) on site with us every Monday. Melanie can provide help with a wide range of issues which may be affecting you as a family so if you’d like her assistance (or even just a listening ear) don’t forget, she can be contacted via the office or on her mobile: 07887 055224.

The school was filled with the sound of drums on Tuesday afternoon as the new lessons began. The children loved this new weekly experience which we hope will culminate with a performance for parents and carers before the end of term.

Many thanks to St Barnabas church for providing us with the ‘Pentecost Experience‘ this week. Each class has visited and enjoyed a lively interactive session which has helped them learn more about this important event in the Christian calendar. Phil Davies from Dunvant church came along to provide an assembly on the same theme this week too. When the whole community acts together to broaden opportunities in this sort of way our learners benefit enormously. We really appreciate the generosity of the St Barnabas community in opening their doors to us again this week.

Don’t forget about our special #SAFEAS event taking place next Tuesday evening. As you’ll have seen from the letter and text, the session will give you chance to find out more about keeping your child safe online, our Sex and Relationships Education programme and how the new data protection regulations are likely to affect you. We’ll also present an update of our most recent Pioneer School progress and show you how your input has helped build the new development plan for 2018-19.

We hope to see you all there but if you have any further queries in the meantime please pop in and ask.

May 11th

Members of our Senedd forum represented us in a CCS Pupil Voice event at Pentrehafod school last night. They had the chance to share opinions and views about the city’s current development plans as well as to meet representatives from other school council across Swansea.

The ‘Curriculum’ forum has created a film describing outdoor learning here at WPS describing what it looks like, what difference it makes and the impact it has on learning as well as on pupil well-being levels. Drawing on interviews with their peers, the group linked our core learning behaviours (resilience, perseverance, co-operation and reflection) to the new curriculum’s Four Purposes (as displayed in our Llwybr Dysgu / Learning Pathway) to showcase their numeracy, literacy and digital skills. You’ll get a chance to watch this and to find out more as part of our #SAFEAS evening on May 22nd.

May 4th

Supporting our children to be ambitious about their learning, to “aim high” as well as to “share and care”: this objective is top of our ‘to do’ list at all times. We’ve revised our Pupil Development Grant plan in line with these aspirations and the new financial year. We’ve posted a summary of this plan on our website but if you’d like to find out more about the detail, please call in or come along to our #SAFEAS evening on May 22nd. Building on last November’s eSafety session, the event will provide further information about how to make sure your child stays safe online. It will also give you chance to input into our new School Development Plan for 2018/19, find out about our progress as a Pioneer School, and meet class teachers to discuss the detail of this term’s Sex and Relationships Education plans.

Listening to your responses which asked for times of these events to be varied in order to accommodate busy working schedules, the event will start at 6pm.

As you will have seen from the twitter feed, last week’s athletics meeting went well for our representatives. A first attempt at something new in a very public setting isn’t easy but Caerwyn and Lewis displayed resilience and determination! Da iawn to Lewis as well for his contribution to Swansea Schoolboys’ performance in the competition finals which saw them achieve a very close runners-up position on Saturday.

Enjoy a sunny bank holiday, pawb. Reminder: INSET day Friday 11th May (when staff will be visiting another Pioneer School – Pentrepoeth Primary, Newport – to see what they’ve been achieving as well).


April 27th

“Da iawn” to our basketball team who competed in a tournament yesterday at the LC2. They drew 1 match, lost another but won 10. Beth yw cyflawniad!

Good luck as well for our Y6 pupils who are due to compete in a regional athletics meeting after school this evening.

Mr Reid’s class assembly today highlighted the work of our Senedd forums. Pupil voice has achieved so much since its revised format was launched last year and today’s event provided a perfect opportunity to showcase some of its work as well as the difference it has made.

April 20th

Welcome back, pawb. As some of you will know, ‘Baby Bugs’ unexpectedly closed their after school club just before Easter. As explained, governors are currently searching for an alternative option on your behalf. We’ll keep you posted.

Our rugby team were thrilled to be included in an area tounament at Dunvant Rugby Club today where they had the chance to compete against teams from across Swansea.

Next week we’re looking forward to another chance to compete in another basketball tournament based at the LC2.

Da iawn to Nia for her winning piece of art in Castell Howell’s ‘Lorry’ competition. Nia has won a family holiday at Bluestone.


March 29th

As we close the Spring term I’d like to thank parents, carers and friends of WPS  for their support again this term.

The first week back begins on April 16th (NB no INSET day) with a packed programme of planned events to boost our safety programme (visits from CPO Parry as well as Kerbcraft) as well as our focus on reading (Dylan Thomas theatre workshop).

We’re planning an information evening for parents and carers next term, focusing on ‘Keeping our Children Safe’. More information to follow.


In the meantime, Pasg hapus, pawb.


March 23rd

This week, governors had the chance to gain a better idea of some of the ways our priority plans have rolled out this year. Since February we’ve been busy evaluating the plan for 2017/18 and using the outcomes to inform our next steps. Visiting classrooms, meeting with pupils and speaking with staff helped them understand the difference the 17/18 plan has made and reach a decision about whether our priorities for 2018/19 were the right ones. A big “da iawn” to our Senedd ‘Communications’ group who presented their particular plan so clearly.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Book Fayre this week. You helped raise nearly£1000 which gave each class £60 to spend on their own choice of books. As promised, Rhian Howells visited this week in order to judge the ‘Get Caught Reading’ competition entries. Pupils had been incredibly creative in their choice of locations and Rhian had a tough job deciding. The five winners each gained a £5 voucher to spend in the Book Fayre.

Listening to our Nursery parents, we understand the difficulties some of you have with childcare after Nursery has finished. With this in mind, we are offering the opportunity of a daily ‘Wraparound’ lunch club from after Easter. If you would be interested in making use of this (we need at least 10 children to make it viable), please complete the forms sent out and return ASAP.

We’re also planning to offer drumming lessons from after Easter, to complement our ukulele and violin lessons. Again, if you’re interested in taking up this offer, again please return the request slips ASAP.

The girls’ football team enjoyed a tournament at ‘Play Football’ in Llangyfelach this afternoon. Thank you to all the parents who helped us with this event.

The Friends of Waunarlwydd are planning an Easter Bunny event next week. The group is also currently considering a funding request from our Senedd ‘Safety’ group who want to replace coat hooks with storage units in KS2.

March 16th

Y6 have enjoyed a few days away on a residential trip to Llangranog this week. Their Welsh language skills are building and building all the time, and this week they’ve had the chance to really test them out, holding conversations with new friends. Thank you to Ms Williams, Mrs Wallace, Mr Reid and Mr Davies for helping to give our pupils this chance.

Y3 and 4 have been busy as well, taking part in a dance project entitled: “Bees, Tress and Dirty Knees”. This was a contemporary dance piece that looked at the impact of man on nature. We looked at the way trees and bees impact on our lives and how we rely on them  to survive . The piece taught about the importance of looking after our world and our creatures, and about the fun and adventure that can be had outdoors.

Our ‘Get Caught Reading’ competition has now closed and the entries are being displayed n the lower KS2 corridor – don’t forget to check it out. Local author, Rhian Howell, has agreed to judge them next week.

March 9th 2018

Our Healthy Schools senedd group has been campaigning for increased sporting opportunities which expand on the existing provision of football, rugby, netball, cross country, swimming, hockey, cricket and fitness training. This week pupils have had the chance to try out new skills in the basketball tournament we took part in on Thursday and showed great perseverance (our current learning behaviour focus) and courage in their participation in the athletics day held at LC2. It was great to see our learners confidently trying out a range of events which were new to them with some stunning results, winning some of the events such as long jump, and coming close runners up in the high jump and sprint. Da iawn pawb a diolch yn fawr to all the volunteer helpers who joined us to make the events possible.

March 1st 2018

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant! Happy St David’s Day!

It’s been a shorter than planned week due to the snow. The safety of pupils and staff has to be our priority and I would like to thank you all for your patience and support during today’s early closure and in advance of tomorrow’s full closure. Diolch! Our World Book Day has been rescheduled for Friday March 9th!

It is the turn of Mr Jenkins’ class to develop their ‘perseverance’ in the swimming pool and their first session was a huge success.

Inside the classroom, pupils have been busy preparing for the ‘Eisteddfod’ by developing and showcasing their wonderful talents in writing, art, poetry, drama and music. This resulted in a wonderful ‘Eisteddfod’ this morning, led by our ‘Criw Cymraeg.’ The quality on show and enjoyment gained by both pupils and staff was something to be really proud of! A great way to introduce our right of the month, ‘The Right to a Name and Nationality.’


December 22nd

The Christmas Fayre raised nearly £700 this week. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. The FoW will meet with School Council in the new year to discuss which resources (in addition to the planned literacy and numeracy sheds) have become the new priorities.

Building on their performance at the community carol service earlier this month, our choir made everyone proud with their contribution to the community carol service at Sardis Chapel on Sunday night as well as to the opening of our Christmas Fayre on Monday. A very special celebration took place this Monday when we said a huge “thank you” to Mr Allan Rees for his phenomenal work as Chair of Governors for the past 30 years (well, almost 30 years!). The newly planted cherry blossom tree and the seating area around it will serve as an ongoing reminder of the difference his input has made for generations of learners here at Waunarlwydd.

Our end of term assembly this morning was enhanced by performances from our choir, as well as from our ukulele band and orchestra. Nearly 60 pupils celebrated 100% ATTENDANCE for this term, which is nearly 25% of our school – a phenomenal achievement, everyone!

All that’s left is for us to wish everyone Nadolig Llawen and a peaceful New Year, and to remind you that we restart on January 8th (no INSET day).

December 15th

Thank you to everyone who supported us in our Christmas concert productions this week. Nursery performed “The Star Hunt”, Foundation Phase wowed us with their production of “Prickly Hay” and KS2 triumphed with their very special and incredibly rousing version of ‘Aladdin’. A big ‘thank you’ as well to our amazing staff who worked so hard to make sure the children enjoyed experiences they’ll never forget. Our pupils never fail to make us proud but we could never have managed this ambitious programme without your help and support as well.

Our digital leaders have a proud announcement to make:


“Recently we have been coding, and we entered the DVLA code challenge. Just last week they sent us an email telling us that we won… £400 worth of IT equipment for the school! We are very excited to see what we will spend it on. We are very proud. We have also been running something called ‘coding club’. This has helped a lot of younger students with their coding abilities. We hope to help even more in the future.”

December 1st

Well done to our choir who contributed to the ‘Welcome to Christmas’ event at the village community centre today. They sang beautifully!


Ysgol Fair Funding update: a launch event for this campaign is being held in Gowerton School (Cecil Road) on Thursday, January 11 2018 at 6pm. This is a parent-led campaign and so if you, like other parents across the country, are concerned about how the funding cuts are going to impact on your child over the next 10 years then please come along, join with them and find out what you can do to help….or alternatively, just come along to find out more.

November 24th

Thank you again to all at St Barnabas who once again treated all our pupils to a wonderful introduction to Christmas through the ‘Christmas Experience’. Every single class were accommodated and our young learners (not to mention the grown ups) were totally enthralled.


Our football teams are enjoying a great start to their season. Following on from the success of both the girls’ and boys’ teams at the ‘Play Football’ tournament in October, they have played a number of matches with Llanrhidian this month and the girls’ team are looking forward to another tournament in January.


Thanks to those who have asked more about the ‘Ysgol Fair Funding’ information circulated last week. A number of you have asked about ways of helping the campaign progress and so we’ve uploaded to the panel on the right, a number of letter templates which you may find useful.


November 17th

‘Ysgol Fair Funding’ is a parent-led campaign seeking to achieve the very best for our young learners. Education hasn’t been exempt from so called ‘austerity’ measures applied over the last few years. We have worked hard to try and protect our children from the impact of increasingly significant cuts to our funding, although the cuts have already resulted in, for instance, KS2 class sizes being larger than we would like, a year on year reduction in the numbers of support staff and the amount of resources we can make available. Unfortunately, the further funding cuts projected for the next three years will without doubt begin to impact on your children’s ‘once in a lifetime’ chance. If you are as concerned about this as we are, please join other parents from all over the UK in making your voice and opinion heard. The letter you will receive next week will help explain how you can do this but in the meantime feel free to find out more by clicking on these links and joining other parents and carers in the cause:!/schools

or join the Twitter feed :



Thanks to those who have asked more about the ‘Ysgol Fair Funding’ information circulated last week. A number of you have asked about ways of helping the campaign progress and so we’ve uploaded to the panel on the right, a number of letter templates which you may find useful.

November 10th

Welcome back after what we hope has been a lovely half term break for everyone. This month’s core right is the ‘Right to be Safe’. We’re looking forward to exploring this right in lots of different contexts in the coming weeks. For instance,  our involvement next week in Anti-Bullying week as well as Parliament week is going to help us find out more not jut about how to stay safe / respect the rights of others to stay safe but how democracy helps us to stay safe too.

Rehearsals have begun for Christmas concerts. You should have received your letters explaining dates, roles, costume needs by now. If you have any queries, please give us call or pop into the office.

October 27th

Our right of the month for October was yr hawl i fod yn iach: the ‘Right to be Healthy’ and we rounded this off with a celebration assembly shared with families and friends this week. As we move onto a new right next month, we’re taking with us the lessons learned with some great ideas for healthy lunchboxes, cooked up by our senedd’s ‘Healthy Schools’ forum. We’ll be including a link to this online from November.

The disco on Wednesday raised £460. A huge “diolch” to everyone who helped make this possible. We plan to spend the amount raised on some literacy and numeracy sheds for our outdoor classrooms. Our senedd’s Curriculum forum will meet with FoW to present their business plan next term, to explain how the costings work out. “Thank you” as well to those of you who came in to help with the pumpkin carving this morning, as well as to Cerys’ mum who helped us harvest them in the first place. The winning designs have been turned into some impressive works of art.

We’ve ended a busy term with a pretty busy week. It started with a digital coding day hosted by TechnoCamp on Monday and ended with Y2 fittingly rounding off their ‘Fire of London’ theme by setting their model houses alight! All was well though as we planned the event to coincide with a visit from the fire service who were on hand to help put out the flames. Nursery ended their theme with a Dog Show competition this morning which resulted in some proud medal winners taking home certificates.

Both our girls’ and boys’ football teams took part in a tournament this morning. The girls won an amazing four out of five matches.

As already said, thank you to all our parents/carers, staff and volunteer helpers who help to make busy weeks like this possible. Mae gennych hanner tymor hyfryd – have a lovely half term. We look forward to welcoming you all back to school on November 6th.


October 20th
Many, many thanks to the ‘Friends Of Waunarlwydd’ who have worked so hard help turn our ‘outdoor classrooms’ idea into reality. Thanks especially to Kelli and to Lara for linking up with the local community to source benches and tables (thank you, Mr Caghill as well). Your combined efforts have made a huge difference for our pupils.
We’ve had our annual scrutiny visit this week as part of the Welsh Government’s ‘Schools’ Categorisation’ programme (see panel to right for more information). On Thursday we were able to share details of the progress we’re making with regards to standards, quality of planning and the well-being levels of our children. We have been categorised again as a ‘Green’ school so there is much to celebrate but also lots of hard work for the year ahead in order to make sure the excellent plans we already have in place are sustained for our learners. We couldn’t achieve any of this without you, or without your governor representatives who continue to do a terrific job on your behalf, and so a big “thank you” for this support and input too.
October 13th
In preparation for this term’s topics and themes, all of our children have now visited a number of sites of Welsh interest across south Wales (thank you to all staff and kind volunteer helpers who made this possible, by the way!). These places of interest include Pembroke Castle, Big Pit, Castell Coch and St Fagans. I’m sure you’ll have gained an idea from our Twitter feed of the sorts of days your children have enjoyed but for more idea of how these experiences fit in with this term’s learning themes, please see our class pages.
We’ve registered to take part in UK Parliament Week in November. This will be an exciting opportunity for our learners to find out more about the way UK democracy works and how it all began. If you want to join in at home too, we’ve uploaded some resources onto the home page to help you. Amongst other things they give some great ideas for local visits.
As you know, the local authority has recently changed arrangements for payment of its school meals service to an online system. Please note that whilst we will try and help as much as we can with your queries, we only act as agents for this service and operate no control over it ourselves. We are happy to issue messages on behalf of sQuid but cannot change the arrangements set by the Local Authority, including the requirement for payments to remain up to date. If you have questions relating to your personal account then please contact the LA’s finance department on 636000.
October 6th
We’re using Welsh in ever increasing contexts across the curriculum. ‘Shwmae Week’ next week is going to give us lots of chances to showcase our talents and test them out too. We will be making ‘Shwmae’ videos to share with our partner schools (and receiving from them too), as well as holding a Shwmae poster competition.
September 29th
It was good to welcome ‘Bloom’ to our school this afternoon as part of our Harvest celebrations, and to be able to support their efforts to help refugees in crisis. Thank you to all of you who so generously donated food items.
September 22nd
We’re kicking off the term with a series of trips and visits which give our learners chance to celebrate their Welsh language and heritage. The experiences are serving as first hand  starting points for this term’s topics and themes. The visit to Pembroke castle in particular proved one to remember. Check out our twitter feed for photos.
We’ve also enjoyed visits to St Barnabas Church this week, to share in their Harvest celebrations. Thank you to everyone involved who made these visits possible.
September 15th
We’ve enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to work with Theatr na nOg this week. The production is titled ‘Eye of the Storm’ and through in-school workshops along with a follow up visit to watch the production at the Dylan Thomas Theatre we’ve been able to explore expressive arts skills as well as a science and technology mini project too.
September 8th 2017
It’s been great to welcome everyone back to school this week and to watch our learners (and staff!) settle into their new classes so well. Don’t forget about our ‘meet your new teacher’ sessions which are happening next week. The newsletter you will have received yesterday will have given you the details but here is a reminder of the dates in case you need it:

Tuesday 12th September15:30 – 16:00      Year 3-4 classes with Mr Evans & Mr Jenkins

16:30 – 17:00      Year 5-6 classes with Mr Reid, Ms Williams and Mrs Wallace.

Wednesday 13th September

16:00 – 16:30      Year 1 & Year 2 with Miss Tyrrell, Mrs Evans/Mrs Thomas & Miss Horseman

All the rain and sun over the holidays have combined to help make everything grow in our outdoor classrooms, and our pumpkins in particular are proving a success. Thanks to Mr Trowbridge’s efforts we have 6 new planters to fill this autumn. All contributions for these will be gratefully received.

Summer Term update
July 14th
Rehearsals for next week’s production of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ are nearly complete. Scenery, staging and music are all ready and waiting to support the big event.
Don’t forget to come and listen to our choir performing at the opening event for Waunarlwydd’s carnival at the rugby ground on Sunday as well.
July 7th
“Attitudes and actions that respect the rights of others, and teaching approaches that place individual dignity, participation, the interests of the children and non-discrimination at their heart” result in the best learning outcomes and opportunities.
Covell, K et l (2010)
June 30th
A successful Celebration Week saw pupils hosting friends and family in workshops which showcased their learning this year, as well as an International Day. Check out our twitter feed for a fuller picture!
The ‘Friends of Waunarlwydd’ Summer Fayre raised a total of £745. Thank you to everyone who supported this so generously to help build funds to continue with our outdoor improvement projects. Thank you as well to our team of volunteers who undertook a terrific amount of work to make this fun filled event such a success, and so enjoyable for our pupils.
June 23rd
It’s our annual ‘Celebration Week’ next week. It’s a week when our children can not just showcase the skills and knowledge developed this year, but celebrate our international links too. Your children will be running workshops from Monday. Please check with your child’s class teacher for more information. We hope you’ll be able to come along and join in the celebrations.
June 16th
We’re cleaning up and clearing our Woodland Walk’ this week. If anyone’s available to help, even if only for half an hour, please let us know.
Chinese Celebration Week this week has provided us with the chance to try out new skills and talents. Working with the Confucius Institute, our children have experienced Chinese dancing, calligraphy, paper sculpture as well as Chinese cookery, discovering skills and talents they never knew they had. It’s been a great opportunity to find out about another culture as well as to test out their creative thinking skills within new and lively contexts. A big ‘thank you’ to the team for their enthusiasm!
June 9th
It’s been ‘Healthy Schools’ week here at WPS this week. Everyone’s been busy celebrating plans to eat well, stay safe and look after our environment.
Our annual sports’ days were supposed to play a part in all of this as well but unfortunately we were beaten by the weather and so these have now been postponed to next week. Nursery managed a scaled down version using the school hall and were well-supported by family and friends cheering them on – thank you!
We enjoyed a visit from the Royal Mint this week too. As part of their roll out of the new pound coin pupils were treated to their ‘schools’ partnership’ plan which let us find out all about the new coin as well as the Mint’s history and its work.
May 19th 
‘Pupil Voice’ has formed the backbone of WPS since well before we were used as a launch for the first ever school council in Wales, back in October 2006. In September we embarked on a new school year with the endeavour to revitalise this voice, and to this end today we started our new ‘Senedd’ forum groups. Each one is led by a school council member and focuses on a key aspect of school development. The profile of each forum runs as follows:  MISSION, CURRICULUM, SAFETY, LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, COMMUNICATION, DIGITAL, HEALTHY SCHOOLS, ENTERPRISE, ECO, CRIW CYMRAEG. Every pupil has selected one of these groups to be part of and as such is now contributing weekly, in a tangible way, to the school’s on going plan.
We’ll keep you updated about the progress of this exciting ‘next step’ as the weeks roll on.
May 12th 
 Our choir produced a sizzling performance this week, as part of the North Gower Schools’ celebration at the Brangwyn Hall. They were well-supported in the audience by family and friends, and sang with confidence and pride.
April 28th
Two of our school council members represented us well this week, at CCS’ ‘Pupil Voice’ forum held at Olchfa School. They contributed interesting ideas to the debate about Swansea’s future, and the sorts of services young people need it to provide. 
Spring Term update
April 7th
The handing over of cheques totally more than £2000  to two very worthy causes has provided a thrilling conclusion to our ‘Worthy Week’. In addition to this, yesterday’s cake sale organised by the friends of Waunarlwydd raised almost a further £200 which will be out towards the cost of extra seating in our woodland walk. Many thanks to everyone involved.
Thank you as well for the support you’ve offered again this term. We start back to school on April 24th, and hope you enjoy a wonderful break between now and then.

Before we sign off for Easter, I want to bring a competition to your attention. KS2 pupils are invited to enter a  Dylan Thomas-inspired competition in celebration of International Dylan Thomas Day. Entry is free and all of the details can be found here:

Good luck, everyone!
April 4th
24 staff walked nearly 24 miles as part of our annual charity walk on Saturday, all the way from Rhossili to Mumbles. On Monday it was the turn of pupils to join in. The sun shone for us to walk 5 miles along the cycle track to Dunvant Rugby Ground and back. Building on Foundation Phase’s ‘Score a Goal’ event last week, our pupils worked hard and showed resilience (our assembly theme for this term) in their efforts to raise funds for 2 very worthy causes; ‘Hands Up for Downs’ and ‘The Paul Popham Foundation’. We round things off with the annual ‘Carly Day’ on Thursday which will give families and friends the chance to join in as well. Please help us spread the word to make April 6th 2017 a day to remember!
March 31st
A big ‘thank you’ is offered to everyone at St. Barnabas for making all our classes feel so welcome and for providing us with an astonishing ‘Easter Experience’. Our children thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as did the grown ups!) and it’s given us the perfect start for our Worthy Week which begins this weekend.
March 24th
Some of our school council, along with Ms Williams, joined Pennard Primary And Mayals Primary on a visit to St Cadoc’s school in Cardiff yesterday. They wanted to see how decisions were made in other settings. This particular primary school uses extended debating groups to discuss and plan for issues relating to all of school’s activities ranging from classroom standards to eco awareness and healthy eating campaigns. We are using what we have learned as part of our plans to revise and extend the role of ‘pupil voice’, especially in our decision making processes.
March 10th
Our choir performed superbly well in the Brangwyn Hall this week. ‘Saints And Hymns’ was as an event which allowed schools to join together to celebrate our national day with music and song.
Our pupils represented the school so well and made us all extremely proud. 
March 3rd
Our Y6 pupils enjoyed a wonderful time away on their residential visit to Borfa this week. They climbed, walked and enjoyed time away together, building friendships and confidence. 
Our new ‘Learning Leaders’ forum met this week as well. This pupil group is helping shape our plans as a Pioneer School charged with the task of crafting the new curriculum for Wales. The forum has explored the four core purposes (from Successful Futures) and restyled some of the language used to make it more learner-friendly. They are checking our new school development plan for 2017/18 to make sure our priorities are the right ones, and our plans as well, to make sure our topics and themes are engaging and creative.
February 17th
The new law aimed at improving support for learners with additional needs was passed by Wales Government in December (2016). The term ‘SEN’ (‘Special Educational Needs’) is replaced with ‘ALN’ (Additional Learning Needs) and the bill also  does away with the system of statementing. Instead, it seeks to create a single plan (the individual development plan (IDP)) to replace the existing range of statutory and non-statutory SEN/LDD plans for learners, ensuring equity of rights regardless of the learner’s level of need or the education setting they attend.
We’ve uploaded the ‘easy to read’ guide published by Wales Government (see right hand column) to help explain some more of the detail, but if you have any further queries please pop in to see us.
February 10th
Our successful partnership with Gowerton School was again in evidence this week. In preparation for the forthcoming joint concert at the Brangwyn Hall, our musicians enjoyed an instrumental day on Thursday. The ‘shared science’ teaching and learning programme continued as well, with Ms Williams making a return visit to Gowerton to take part in a lesson.The school council is focusing on planning for this term’s annual charity event, ‘Carly Day’. This is due to take place later next month and pupil representatives are considering a range of options for this year’s charity. If you have any suggestions you’d like the school council to consider, please contact Ms Williams.
The school council will upload their plans for the day onto the website as soon as arrangements have been finalised.
February 3rd
Wales’ National Schools Categorisation was published this week. A ‘Parental Guide’ for the process has been uploaded (right hand column) for you to find out more about this process and its links with school improvement.
January 27th
Our  Right of the Month for January has been the ‘Right to be Heard’.  Mr Reid’s class led a special assembly for family and friends today, celebrating this important right. As part of this month’s focus, our school council has been thinking again about how our pupils’ voices are heard across all school decisions and planning some new links with councils in other settings so that we can share practice as well as learn from others.
Our Criw Cymraeg has been learning from others too. You will have seen from twitter feeds, the criw working with Ann Thomas, our athrowes bro, to check on their progress with helping to make the use of Welsh a more regular part of playtimes.
Learning from our resident artist, David Marchant, Years 5 and 6 are reaching completion of their project exploring Kyffin Williams’ Mabanogion sketches. The prints and painted sketches they’ve produced are superb. We’re looking forward to sharing them in our art exhibition later next month. Mrs Melen’s and Mr Evans’ classes have produced some wonderful mono prints this week too, drawing from their current story books, while Ms Williams’ class has been busy designing their stained glass windows ready for the batik work next week.
January 20th
 It’s good to learn from others and this week has given us plenty of chance to do just that.
We started the week trying out our story writing skills with learners from all over the country. Logging onto BBC Radio 2’s ‘500 Words’ site on Monday morning gave us the chance to take part in a live online literacy lesson. The site gives plenty of tips on how to write interesting stories and is worth a visit.
We also joined up with schools from all over Wales to check on the progress of all the plans we’re working on as a ‘Pioneer School’. We’re really enjoying the chance to explore expressive arts as a lead in to our topics and themes. Mrs Wallace and Miss Horseman travelled all the way to North Wales to share some of this practice as well as to find out from others which parts of their projects were going well.
Our pupils are looking forward to sharing this exciting work with you as part of an expressive arts exhibition later next term, as well as through our annual ‘Celebration Week’ in June.
January 13th
 We’ve continued to work with David March this week on our Kyffin Williams inspired project focusing especially on Kyffin’s pen drawings to accompany the Mabinogion stories. Y5  have experimented with pen and ink as a drawing medium.
Our 4th INSET day for this year will take place on February 17th. We’ve produced and collected a wide range of resources aimed at making ‘creativity’ the focus and starting point for all teaching and learning. Staff will use this opportunity to work as a whole group, collating and organising these resources in order to make them more easily accessible for learners and teachers alike.
January 6th
 Welcome back, everyone. We hope you enjoyed a good Christmas break. Our return to school this week has been a pretty creative one. We hosted Llanrhidian Primary School on Tuesday, for a shared INSET focusing on ‘Creative Learning and Aesthetics’. Staff explored a number of different skill areas within art and design, such as batik, printing, marbling and sculpture. You’ll have seen some of their fantastic work on our Twitter feed. We had a great time experimenting with a range of techniques and look forward to introducing them with pupils as part of their topic work this term. Keeping with the theme of creative and expressive arts, later this term as well our pupils will have the chance to perform at the Brangwyn Hall with Gowerton School and the rest of its partner primaries, in a concert of instrument and song. We’ll let you know more details about this as well as about the instrumental day we’ll be taking part in at Gowerton, as soon as they’re confirmed. We hope you’ll be able to join us.
December 9th
This week has been a week of fabulous productions! Through 8 separate performances FP pupils presented ‘The Night Before Christmas’, KS2 pupils raised the roof with their ‘Cinderella’ pantomime whilst Nursery pupils thrilled with their ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ spectacular. There are lots of bleary eyed children and adults around the school today but without exception, everyone would agree it was all worth it. We have been inundated with thanks and congratulations, all of which are very much appreciated. The children, as usual, made us incredibly proud.
An after school football tournament rounds off the week, and we are looking forward to taking part in our annual community carol service which takes place in Sardis Chapel on Sunday at 6pm.
December 2nd
The  Christmas Fayre raised over £500 this week. Thank you to everyone involved in organising it and to those who turned up such great numbers. Your efforts are helping us progress rapidly towards our plan for a wooden train for the Foundation Phase playground.
Y3/4 children took the train to Swansea this week as part of the culminating activity in their World War 2 theme for this term. They used their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills to plan the journey using timetables and to buy ingredients for their ‘war time rations’ soup. They visited the market, considered ‘best value’ options before purchasing and took time to make a video in Castle Square comparing the current view to the war time one. St Mary’s Church featured as an iconic centrepoint during the city’s  1941 blitz. The rebuilt St Mary’s Church not only hosted our picnic lunch but provided a fascinating insight into what it was actually like to live through that terrifying week by providing us with an exhibition of images and first hand recounts. We even got chance to talk with someone who had taken refuge in the basement of the Ben Evans store in the night of the worst attack. Once back in class, the children used multi media Apps to design and produce a documentary summary of all they had learned. This documentary is currently being played on the foyer screen so please feel free to pop in and take a look.
We were back at the market again on Friday for our choir to perform as part of the city’s Christmas entertainment programme.
November 25th
 St. Barnabas  Church helped to get our Christmas celebrations off to a flying start this week by providing us with a very special introduction in the form of ‘The Christmas Experience’. Each class was invited to visit the church and watch an amazing Nativity production complete, with a real life ‘baby Jesus’!
As always, we were treated to a very special welcome and the children (and grown ups) thoroughly enjoyed the event. Many thanks to everyone at St Barnabas church who worked so hard to provide such a memorable event for our youngsters.
November 18th
David Marchant has been with us again this week, helping our Y5 pupils  continue to explore the Mabanogion stories. This week, they have been practising landscape drawings in the style of Kyffin Williams. They have selected the story of Branwen to recreate in pen and ink, again in the style of Kyffin Williams, before adding text.
Pudsey Bear featured big time today. We had a non-uniform day, with children arriving in pyjamas and all things spotty. They decorated and sold biscuits too. The real highlight of the day though was the spectacular performance from Mrs Cornish and Mrs Howells, whose rendition of the theme from ‘Ghostbusters’ truly had to be seen to be believed.
Thank you for helping us raise an amazing total of £620. Watch out for our name on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen tonight!
November 11th
The ‘Friends of Waunarlwydd’ have met with pupils to discuss plans for playground equipment. These include the addition of a wooden model train, some more games and wall charts as well as some sail canopies for our ‘Cornel Cwtch’ as well as for our outdoor classrooms in Forest School.
School Council met with local authority Health and Safety Officer, Nicole Overton, this week too. They showed Ms Overton their plans for extending our outdoor classroom into the area of land which the ‘Community Heroes’ from TSB cleared for us in the summer. Ms Overton also helped them risk assess their plans for designating an area of land for den building too.
November 4th
The week kicked off with a Halloween disco, organised by the Friends of Waunarlwydd. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this such a fantastic event for our children to enjoy.  Our Y5 pupils have been working with local artist, David Marchant, as part of our involvement as a Lead Creative School. The children are excited to take part in this. They will be finding out a little more about their Welsh heritage by exploring the Mabanogion stories along with Kyffin Williams’ pen illustrations in his ‘Mabanogi’ body of work. Mr Reid’s class enjoyed a brilliant visit to the Sony factory in Bridgend as part of their ongoing involvement with the ‘Ospreys in the Community’ project too.
Bonfire Night happens this weekend. We hope all our families enjoy an exciting Saturday evening, and a safe one as well!
October 21st  
This week we have said “goodbye” to two great staff members who you will all know well because of their special links with families. Mrs Jones, our retiring Admin Officer, and Mrs Morgans our SENCo, are both leaving the school after many years working alongside pupils and their families. Both have contributed so much in helping to build a strong, caring community in our school and like you, we share lots of positive memories. We wish them well in their new adventures but are going to miss them lots.
Mrs Lisa Lewis takes over from Mrs Jones after half term and Mrs Nicole Thomas (who currently job shares with Mrs Evans) takes over the role of SENCo from Mrs Morgans.
October 14th
We were pleased to host Swansea’s Environment Centre this week as a venue for their Forest School training. A number of schools from across the region attended, making use of our grounds and outdoor learning classrooms as a base for exploring curriculum enhancement.
KS 2 pupils have been making the most of the good weather too by spending lots of time outdoors measuring vegetables and plants as part of numeracy topic work, and weaving willow in order to make a roundhouse.
Well done to Mr Evans’ and Mr Reid’s classes who shared joint ‘first place’ for best attendance this week with 99.3%. A fantastic effort, Y3/4!
October 7th
You’ll have noticed from the twitter feed that the cake sale raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. This represents a magnificent effort by all involved, and our children really enjoyed the event too.
You may remember that in the summer term Locws International staged an arts event Art Across the City International Contemporary Public Art Festival, that saw Bristol-based sculptor, Rich White create a new temporary site-specific artwork in the grounds of The National Waterfront Museum, Swansea.

We successfully submitted a bid to be part of this exciting initiative and as a result secured an arts residency for our pupils. The residency focused upon a new artwork in situ, providing an opportunity for pupils to experience an exciting new piece of contemporary art.  Our children worked with local artist, David Marchant, collecting ideas and information to inspire and develop their own work in response to what they saw and experienced.

You will have seen some of the finished work as part of our Summer Exhibition but from this week the work is now being exhibited at Swansea’s Grand Theatre. Mr Reid took along some Y4 pupils to the opening of this exhibition on Wednesday. They were thrilled to see their work on display for everyone to enjoy and also had time to explore the work created by others in the project too. You will have seen some of the photos from the visit on our Twitter feed but if you want to see a little more, the exhibition is housed at the Grand Theatre between now and October 15th.

We had a visit from Ospreys player, Nicky Smith, this week too, as part of our participation in the ‘Ospreys in the Community’ programme.  The initiatve aims to develop pupils’ key learning skills and our KS2 pupils put their oracy and thinking skills to good use, interviewing Mr Smith about his role within the team, expectations and his training schedule. Their questions yielded some good answers!

September 30th
 Friends of Waunarlwydd are holding a cake sale today in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Pupils have a ‘non-uniform day’ as well with proceeds going to the same worthy cause. You’ll have seen photos on our Twitter feed from the harvest celebrations earlier in the week. Thank you to friends and families of pupils in Mrs Wallace’s class for coming along to enjoy their special assembly with us. Thank you as well to St Barnabas Church for making our young learners feel so welcome during their ‘harvest’ visit on Monday.
Our Twitter feed has been particularly busy this week, sharing all the lovely creative themes your children have been exploring. Be sure to check it out for yourself. There are some pictures as well of the Y3/4 visit to the World War 2 exhibition.
Don’t forget we have an INSET on Monday (3rd). Staff will be joining the other schools of North Gower at Gowerton School to explore means of making the teaching and learning your children enjoy, even better than it already is. We are looking forward to the “Excellent Teaching” session which is being led by Mr Nick Jones
September 23rd
This week has had a real ‘community’ feel and sense of purpose to it. A number of volunteer helpers have started to work with us, and some of these have signed up for training in one or both of our ‘catch up’ programmes too. The annual Gowerton School roadshow rolled up and proved as successful as ever in introducing our oldest pupils to some of the adventures awaiting them at Years 7 and 8. Our teachers have been sharing ideas about classroom practice with our partnership schools and we enjoyed a fantastic creative arts focused after school session with Arts Council Wales. The ‘Open the Book’ programme with St Barnabas commenced as well and our plans to share harvest celebrations with them are well underway. Contributions will be shared with the foodbank in Gorseinon this year. Families and friends of pupils in Mrs Wallace’s class are reminded of the invitation to join us for their special harvest assembly on Wednesday 28th!
eSafety – Advance date notice, workshop for parents / carers
 30 Nov, 4.30pm – RIGHT CLICK WORKSHOP (UNICEF): Internet Safety Matters
September 16th
The ‘meet your new teacher’ events this week proved a success with lots of families attending in order to check out plans and arrangements for this year. Thank you for loaning your support in such numbers, and for the positive feedback we’ve received too. If you have any further questions about the use of ‘j2e’in particular, please don’t hesitate to ask.
It’s Mr Reid’s class’ turn to take part in the ‘Ospreys in the Community’ initiative this term. Mr Reid is taking part in the introduction this morning and the new plans for this third run will commence from next week. We’re pleased to have the chance to participate in such a well-thought out activity which helps our young learners prepare for the world of work by giving them chance to use their rapidly developing literacy, numeracy and digital skills in such a wide range of meaningful contexts.
Our Friends of Waunarlwydd Association has some plans for the Macmillan fund raising event which is due to take place later this month so watch out for their newsletter which will tell you more. They have a number of activities planned this term, including some film nights. If you’re able to help out in any way, please let us know. Your support would be very much appreciated, I’m sure!
September 8th 2016
 Welcome back, everyone! You will have received our Autumn newsletter giving an overview of events this term but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
As you know, we’re kicking off with a series of ‘meet your new teacher’ events next week. Please come along to find out more about weekly routines in your child’s new class, homework/J2e information, etc. You’ll have chance to ask specific questions of your own as well. The opportunity will help us to make sure your child’s start to the new year is the best it can be.
The fine weather has helped with our children’s start too, boosting their chance to learn outdoors. Check out our twitter feed to see them picking blackberries in our woodland walk and using all sorts of natural materials to create colour palettes.
The fine weather has done nothing to make us forget that Christmas comes at the end of this term though! Our very own artist, Karen Treharne, has produced a series of Christmas cards which are being sold in aid of ‘Old Mill Foundation’ (click on the right hand column to see a few samples). Please see Mrs Treharne if you’d like to purchase and support this worthwhile cause.
Last of all, thank you to all who responded to the parent and carer questionnaire exercise last term (more than ever before). Your many positive comments were much appreciated and have encouraged staff enormously. The suggestions for ways to further improve were really useful and have already been added to our development plan for this year. We’ll send out a summary response as an update before half term.
Summer Term update:
 July 20th
So, having chosen the wettest day of the year for our ‘community gardening day’ we went on to select the hottest evening of the year to stage our Y6 Leavers’ Concert. Struggling for enough air to breathe at times (one dad was convinced we had the heating on), Y6 pupils nevertheless managed to provide the performance of their lives. It was awesome! Families and friends turned up in huge numbers to enjoy some seriously good singing, a little dancing and a few not so good jokes, mostly undertaken in the persona of unsuspecting school staff. Thank you to everyone who braved the tropical conditions to lend support to our oldest learners before they move on, although the biggest thanks are reserved for the performers themselves who reminded us all of why we are going to miss them so much. Well done one and all, and good luck for the next step of the adventure.
As we close for the summer holidays this afternoon a big ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ as well to everyone else: Miss Thomas, Miss Hood, Miss Francis and Mrs Batcup who are leaving us, learners in other year groups along with friends and families who have contributed so much again this year. Together we are making WPS the place to be! Thank you, colleagues, for helping to make our school a happy, safe place to achieve in.
July 15th

Everyone has had chance to meet their new teachers this week. For most of us this has involved taking just a few steps along the corridor but for our Y6s it has involved a slightly longer walk as they enjoyed three days of ‘welcome’ activities at Gowerton School. For Y2 pupils, it has been a chance to spend a day finding out a little of what it will be like to become a KS2 learner. You told us this was what you wanted when we asked you about it this time last year and so we really hope it proved helpful.

Foundation Phase managed to dodge the showers and complete their postponed sports’ day too, which was well supported by family and friends – thank you all!
Everyone finished the week with the offer of a free bible provided by a charity called ‘Bibles for Children’. Thank you to our governor, Rev Ian Davies, for coming along to present these.
July 8th: Chinese Celebration week
Confucius Institute has provided us with a week of exciting experiences which have helped our learners gain a better understanding of Chinese language and culture. Our children are developing well as global citizens. They  celebrate the entitlement to a “right to a nationality” and love learning about other countries and alternative lifestyles. Check out our twitter feed for a better idea of everything they’ve got up to this week!
July 1st: Community Engagement
It’s sunny today but it wasn’t sunny yesterday when 5 parents and a team of ‘Community Heroes’ from TSB combined efforts to transform some sad and neglected areas in our grounds and woodland walk.
A major thanks to everyone who gave up not just their time but the warmth and comfort of an armchair and a cuppa, to make a real difference for our youngsters. Your work is so much appreciated and on behalf of everyone who will gain from you hard work, thank you for your kindness and generosity of spirit!


Autumn update

Ryan :In Digital we are busy making E-safety posters which will be put out side Ms Williams class with age restrictions and lots of information on how to stay safe on the internet. Now onto Lowri, we are making sure that the age restrictions on apps ( like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and a lot more) are not being used, unless you are over age. A restriction is like for example for Snapchat is 13+. We are also working on how people behave on social medias.


Headteacher’s Post 1st March

March 1st

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant! Happy St David’s Day!

It’s been a shorter than planned week due to the snow. The safety of pupils and staff has to be our priority and I would like to thank you all for your patience and support during today’s early closure and in advance of tomorrow’s full closure. Diolch! Our World Book Day has been rescheduled for Friday March 9th!

It is the turn of Mr Jenkins’ class to develop their ‘perseverance’ in the swimming pool and their first session was a huge success.

Inside the classroom, pupils have been busy preparing for the ‘Eisteddfod’ by developing and showcasing their wonderful talents in writing, art, poetry, drama and music. This resulted in a wonderful ‘Eisteddfod’ this morning, led by our ‘Criw Cymraeg.’ The quality on show and enjoyment gained by both pupils and staff was something to be really proud of! A great way to introduce our right of the month, ‘The Right to a Name and Nationality.’