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Friday January 19th

It’s been a chilly but happy week at Waunarlwydd with staff and children working together on their new topics and there have been lots of highlights. A big well done to our football team for their superb performance in the cluster football tournament today. We can’t wait for the netball event in a couple of weeks.

The Nursery have been enjoying their second week looking at Winter.  On Welly Wednesday they were very clever and drew a snowman by following the instructions on QR codes and played a giant  snowman number game. Painting with powder paint on the ice outside was a great success (but very messy). Gym was fun, making up different actions to represent Wintery things, but ending with a snowball fight was definitely the highlight. Reception have been making the most of our frosty weather. The children have created different shades of blue by mixing white and blue paint and have then added some silhouettes of wintery trees. We have played some winter games in forest school and moved like snowflakes and made imaginary snowmen in gym. After noticing the ice in the mornings, we decided to explore making ice in different shapes and sizes, so we left lots of different pots of water outside overnight, some with food colouring in, some with toys in and some in shape moulds to find out what would happen. The next day we had lots of ice to explore and had fun trying to break it up in the water tray!

The weather has been perfect for year 1’s topic. The children absolutely loved going  on a winter walk to help them write their winter senses poem.  They have enjoyed looking at the weather forecast every day and discussing the changes in temperature and they made fantastic predictions when they left water in different sized containers out for the night.  You should have seen their faces when they found out what had happened to some of the water in the containers! Year 2 have loved learning the Supertato story with a story map and actions to support them. Making and counting amounts of money in Maths and playing lots of money games was another highlight. Year 3 have enjoyed finding out which countries our food has come from and calculating food miles. Another hit was learning their traditional Welsh dance.

Year 4 have enjoyed designing and using oil paint to print a piece of art work, learning hockey skills in PE and using symbols to represent an electrical circuit.  Year 5 have enjoyed showing off their number skills, multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit numbers in Maths, swimming, looking at positive relationships, creating light circuits, learning about the Torah in Judaism, reading Hugo Cabret, printing and learning 3rd person patterns in Welsh. A busy week! This week, Year 6 have been working really hard scripting their class assembly. They have used great co-operation skills and are preparing their props. They can’t wait to show their parents and carers next Friday. During our art lesson on printing, they used their co-operation skills again as well as their independent skills. More co-operation was needed during the netball lesson, which focused on passing and shooting. 

Community Friday (9th February)

The weather affected our Autumn event but we are determined to attempt another Community Friday on 9th February. If you could spare time to work with staff and children, please let us know. Our current priorities are painting the yards, gardening and the next stage of clearing the woodland. If you feel that you could help in any way, it would be much appreciated. (Unlimited tea, coffee and bisuits on offer)

School Disco Thursday 8th February

As always, if you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate in making contact!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans


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