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Friday 20th January

It’s been another great week. The ice and cold haven’t stopped the children from wrapping up and enjoying a super week of learning. A big well done to the girls’ football team who represented the school with their usual positive attitude, great skills and big smiles!

Strike Action – The local authority has been notified that strike action is to be taken by Trade Unions on 1st February, 14th February, 15th March and 16th March.  We will keep you updated but have currently been told to wait for further guidance. 

We will be commencing after school clubs next week! You should have received consent forms today.

Parent workshops

The North Gower Partnership has linked with the NHS and CAMHS to provide support and strategies for parents in approaching the emotional wellbeing of children at home. This will take the form of a series of workshops at school. A reminder that the first workshop ‘When to worry about your worrier’, is today (14.25 in the school hall):

Friday 3rd February – The second workshop will focus on ‘Managing Anger’ (more details to follow). If you would like to attend, just arrive at school for a 14.25 start on the given dates.

The Nursery have had another fun week learning about Winter. The water beads in the water tray were a big success and gym was great fun using a tissue as a snowflake. They explored the ice and frost during outdoor learning, making footprints on the field, breaking up the ice with hammers and painting on sheets of ice. What a wonderful week to learn about winter in Reception! Children had lots of fun exploring the ice that formed in our yard overnight and found different ways to break it. The children had some lovely ideas to write a winter poem and created some beautiful wintry paintings. They have also made snowmen with different coloured hats and scarves and sorted them in different ways

Miss Tyrrell’s class absolutely loved their winter walk this week. They touched pointy icicles, made footprints in the frosty grass and noticed that our rainfall gauges had frozen. Back in class they used wow words to make their sentences more interesting when writing their winter poems. Other favourites were making bird feeders during forest school, following instructions on how to draw a snowman, which look amazing, and solving winter addition and subtraction problems. Other highlights in Mrs Wallace and Mrs Howells’ class included making a snowball animation on JIT and learning all about the animals in the different polar regions. Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas’ class also enjoyed their wintry welly walk this week and have loved learning about temperature and measuring rainfall. They have also been learning about polar animals and how they are adapted to live in such cold temperatures. Highlights in Mr Reid’s class include beginning their information booklets about countries of the world and practising their skills on the apparatus in gym.

It’s been a busy week in year 4 with learning about writing reports and the features reports have to make them successful. Children have also enjoyed learning about maths arrays and factors of numbers to help with dividing facts. In science we have looked at forces and made paper planes to understand push forces, gravity and air resistance. They loved their competition to see who could make their plane fly furthest, recording their work in charts and graphs on J2e. In art, children linked their report writing of Golden Eagles with the story ‘King of the birds’ and learnt how to draw these amazing creatures. Wow! This week has been year 5 and 6’s last on ‘Out of this world!’ What a week they have had – learning about gravity and air resistance with their autogyro investigation; painting planets and galaxies in art and completing homework projects. All teachers have been impressed with the creativity, knowledge and variety of home learning tasks. PE remains a firm favourite – using Real PE to explore tactical game play. White Rose maths has helped children understand ratio, proportion and scaling this week. Great work!

Digital Advice for parents

This week’s advice for parents and carers centres around ‘What parents and carers need to know about TWITTER

Dates for the calendar

Thursday 25th January – Miss Shaw’s class assembly 14.40 (parents welcome)

Friday 3rd February – Parent workshop – Managing Anger (14.25 in school hall)

Tuesday February 7th – Safer Internet Day

Wednesday February 8th – NGP – RSE information evening – Gowerton Comprehensive School 17.30

Friday 17th February – Break up for half term

As always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans

Deputy Headteacher

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