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Friday 17th February

It’s been a marvellous week to end the half term! A massive thanks to the PTA (and DJ Dan) for organising and running such successful discos this week! The children (and parents) enjoyed showing off their dance moves and a magnificent £871 was raised! Wow! Diolch yn fawr pawb!

Our week ended with a wonderful assembly delivered by Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas’ class reminding us of the importance of looking after our planet. Well done boys and girls!

Nursery have been enjoying serving ice cream in our role play ice cream parlour, writing their names in ice cream sprinkles, matching ice cream letter sounds and working together to play pass the ice cream game. They had a lovely morning on the field on Welly Wednesday pretending to be different sorts of insects and have loved using the magnifying glasses and microscope to look at the plastic insects in detail. Reception had a great time walking around the school discussing their likes and dislikes and have thoroughly enjoyed their art work in preparation for St David’s Day.

Miss Tyrrell’s class have been busy learning about Waunarlwydd and Swansea. They started with a walk around the village where they looked at the features of Waunarlwydd, thought about their likes, dislikes and what they could do to improve their community. Listening to the stories of Swansea Jack and voting on which one they thought was true was another favourite this week. Mrs Wallace and Mrs Howells’ class have particularly enjoyed looking at the work of artist Annabel Dann and starting to replicate it, ready for our Eisteddfod! Learning how to add and subtract, using base 10 and number lines to help us was also a high point. The big highlight in Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas’ class has been practising their awesome class assembly, while they particulary enjoyed making environmental superheroes and thinking about reducing our carbon footprint. Mr Reid’s class have thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Love where you live’ topic. Despite the rain, they enjoyed a tour around Waunarlwydd on Wednesday with Mrs Howells telling us about how the village has changed over time. They then created their own maps of Waunarlwydd as well as colour coded maps from 100 years ago and looked at the differences between the two.

Mr Jenkins’ class have been presenting their reports this week, celebrating their amazing efforts over the last two weeks and have done a splendid job using PowerPoint to share the facts they have discovered, create quizzes for each other and even word searches to complete! Gwaith da blwyddyn pedwar!

In Year 5 and 6, the children have enjoyed PE as usual. This week, they played a new game and thought carefully about their tactics, showing huge improvements over the half term. In preparation for our Eisteddfod, the children have started to write out the national anthem for the handwriting competition; created their art pieces and learnt ‘Calon Lan’, ‘Diolch Diolch Iesu’ and ‘Siarad Cymraeg’. To create their art, they studied two different Welsh artists and, using the school as inspiration, have replicated the style of one artist. The children have also blown Ms Williams away with their learning about decimals – such a change in confidence.

**Important reminder : What do yellow zig zags road markings mean outside a school?**

‘These markings are used outside schools so that children can see and be seen clearly when crossing the road. Parking here would block people’s view of the school entrance! This could endanger the lives of children on their way to and from school!’

Family support – Early help hub linking with school

We have linked with the City and County of Swansea to enhance understanding and engagement with early Help Hubs. A senior lead worker will be based at our school fortnightly to offer support to families, children and parents in a variety of ways. For example, support with children’s behaviour, emotional health & wellbeing, money, housing, ALN group work, ASD Awareness group, Under 11’s family lives group, understanding adolescents group, healthy relationship work and much more. Contact the school if you would like more information or to arrange a meeting.

Digital Advice for parents

This week’s advice for parents and carers centres around ‘Artificial Intelligence Solutions.’

Wednesday March 1st – St David’s Day (children can wear Welsh colours, kits or costumes)

Thursday March 2nd – World Book Day (**postponed due to industrial action**)

Friday March 3rd – Year 2 and 3 Community Farm trip

Wednesday March 8th – Reception and Year 1 Community Farm trip

Week beginning 20th March – Teacher / parent meetings

As always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans

Deputy Headteacher

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