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Friday 17th November

We’ve finished the week with lots of colour around the school as we celebrate another children in Need Day. Thanks for all your donations. We will let you know how much we’ve raised next week. There’s been lots of odd socks on parade this week as we’ve celebrated anti-Bullying week, reminding the children of the importance of kindness and what to do if they feel someone is being unkind. We ended today with a wonderful assembly as Year 5 took us on a journey through WWII in superb style. A big thanks also to Kevin Johns for his hilarious visit to promote the Pantomime.

The  Nursery have been doing lots of work about the story “Elmer the Elephant” and all his different colours. It was a very exciting day on Wednesday when the children found giant footprints and followed them to find frozen eggs with baby dinosaurs inside. They investigated ways to help them hatch and looked after them until their Mum came to get them. Reception have had great fun with light and colour. They have been using the overhead projector to create firework pictures using coloured shapes and tried out different sources of light in a dark room to find out which was the brightest, as well as thinking about the sources of light that we all have in our bedrooms at night. Children thought about Autumn colours and have written their own Autumn poems based on colour. They loved using Autumn leaves to create some fantastic creatures and have had lots of fun playing with leaves in the wind! In class they have been making homes for woodland creatures using pinecones and logs as well as counting out acorns and leaves to match the number pumpkins.  

Year 1 have been learning about Diwali. They have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita and have been able to sequence pictures and retell the story as a recount. During discovery time they have discussed and sorted which pictures were sources of light. This is the first week that the children have brought home spelling words to learn and they worked super hard on their formation of letters when writing them in class. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their Pudsey bear maths word problems and designing their Tudor houses. they’ve also loved starting their rehearsals and auditioning for parts in our Christmas show. Year 3 have enjoyed getting creative this week by recreating Mr Twit’s beard using collage materials. They’ve also loved choosing their Times Table Rockstar names and beginning to use the different maths games. 

Year 4 have really enjoyed starting to sew their stockings, ready to sell at the Christmas Fayre. They have also been busy learning the 6 times tables and using these to help them with division facts. Year 5 this week have enjoyed learning fractions in maths, planning an additional chapter for Goodnight Mister Tom, learning about propaganda and designing their own posters, making prototypes of gas mask boxes, practicing sewing stitches and practicing our class assembly. the highlight in year 6 has been making gas masks during their ‘Discovery time’ as well learning stitch techniques and, of course, their awesome progress in swimming.


Our Education welfare officer (EWO), Lyndsay Jones, will be in school next week to conduct her termly review of pupil attendance. Our whole school attendance currently stands at 94%, which is a great start to the year. Please remember that if you have any concerns, or require support, with regards to your child’s attendance you should get in touch so that we can work together. Diolch!

Dates for the Diary

(**Events involving specific classes will be sent out separately**)

Thursday 7th December – Christmas Fair

Friday 8th December – Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 12th December – Nursery and Reception Concert (morning), Year 1, 2 and 3 concert (afternoon)

WB 20th November – Book Fair in School

Wednesday 13th December – Year 4, 5, 6 Concert (afternoon), Year 1, 2, 3 Concert (evening)

Thursday 14th December – Year 4, 5, 6 Concert (evening)

Thursday December 21st – Christmas Dinner Day

Friday December 22nd – INSET DAY

Monday January 8th – INSET DAY

As always, if you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate in making contact!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans


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