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Friday November 18th

This week has been anti-bullying week! Thanks to Ms Tyrrell and our Healthy Heroes Senedd group for organising a great week of activities. The key messages have been around kindness, being a good friend and reaching out!

The Nursery had a very exciting morning on Tuesday when all the parents and carers came to spend the morning in the classroom. They helped the children play in the Farm Shop, paint, make a 5 Speckled Frogs picture, make castles with flags and lots of other activities. The children were so proud to show off their classroom and had a great time. We hope the adults enjoyed too! Reception have written some fabulous Autumn poems, dancing around like Autumn leaves and have also enjoyed counting and adding with conkers and numicon. Miss Tyrrell’s class have been discussing the importance of being kind. They thought of lots of different ways they could be kind to their friends and made a kindness promise. Learning about light and dark has been lots of fun, exploring with torches and making shadows in their dark tent, as well as learning about light sources. Mrs Wallace and Mrs Howells’ class enjoyed writing an act of kindness on each of their painted hand prints to make a class flower. They also enjoyed listening to Night Monkey, Day Monkey and writing adjectives to describe what they look like on the outside and how they feel on the inside. 

Mrs Evans and Mrs Thomas’ class are really getting to grips with their pbuzz instruments and have even managed to learn jingle bells this week! Other highlights have been thinking about being a good friend and showing how far they’ve come with their time telling skills. Mr Reid’s class have loved their discussions about their favourite music and beginning to play their pbuzz instruments. Their creative tasks have linked to anti-bullying week, designing a hand with ideas about how to reach out and help others.

Mr Jenkins’ class have had a great week developing ideas for their adventure stories and learning about Victorian inventors. They have also been busy working on their assembly ready for next week and also enjoyed investigating area in their numeracy work. Highlights in Year 5 and 6 have included learning more about multiplication, successfully identifying primes, factors, square and cube numbers. They used two different written methods (grid and compact) and decided which they preferred. Learning about the different Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt and making a booklet was another high point, while hockey and dance lessons have produced many smiles and a few sweaty faces! Rock music has gone down very well as the genre of the week!

Digital advice

Last week we introduced digital advice to our weekly newsletters. Up until Christmas, we will be focusing on online-safety. Each weekly newsletter will include a poster to support children and families in remaining safe online. This week’s advice centres on ‘Loneliness Online.’ See below:

Parent/carer voice

This form will close next week! Thanks to those that have already responded! We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this short form to identify areas that you feel are a strength to build on and any areas you feel that we can improve! Diolch! Please follow the link! Parent/Carer voice

Dates for the calendar

W/C Monday 21st November – Book Fair in school

Wednesday 7th December – Christmas Fair

Thursday 8th December – Christmas Jumper Day

Tuesday 13th December – Nursery / Reception concert (morning), Year 1, 2 and 3 concert (afternoon)

Wednesday 14th December – Year 4, 5 and 6 concert (afternoon), Year 1, 2 and 3 concert (evening)

Thursday 15th December – Year 4, 5 and 6 concert (evening)

Tuesday 20th December – Special visitor

Wednesday 21st December – Christmas Party Day

Thursday 22nd December – Christmas Lunch

(Any dates for events involving specific classes/year groups will be sent out separately)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

Have a great weekend!

Mr Jamie Evans

Deputy Headteacher

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